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Death Dealer is the supergroup everyone is talking about! Made up of Ross The Boss (ex-Manowar, Dictators, Manitoba) – Guitar, Sean Peck (Cage, Empires of Eden) – Vocals, Rhino (ex-Manowar, Holy Hell, Angels of Babylon) – Drums, Stu Marshall (Empires of Eden, ex-Dungeon, Paindivision) – Guitar and Mike Davis (Halford, ex-Lizzy Borden) – Bass, these guys are a raging inferno bringing US Metal back to the fore. Shan Siva tries not to feel the heat on the street as he talks to Ross The Boss and Sean Peck!!

1. LOL – I cannot believe who is in the band – it’s an all star line-up so how did that come about? Do you guys all know each other socially outside of your bands?

Ross – Well myself and Kenny (Rhino) are very good friends asides that I had never met the other lads….

Sean – It was a combination of both really. Stu called me one night and wanted to do a band. We started joking around about who we could get in a super metal group. I said ok let me make some calls. The next thing you know we had the band together. Ross and I talked a lot on facebook about the status of America and other provocative topics so that opened the door for us. Stu had recently come out on a trip to America where he sat in with CAGE at some shows. On the trip he met Mike davis and saw a Priest show with him and Roy Z as their guest and Rhino did a show with us in Vegas. Funny how things work out…

2. Even more amazing is how well the collaboration has been in terms of Death Dealer’s sound – Cage n Manowar have their own sounds but to have these in a sound of its own is a true achievement!

Ross – Yes I agree DeathDealer can really be thought of as an original sound ! I think as time goes by it will be even more .

Sean – Yes we are all very proud of the result. It covers a lot of ground this album does I think. It has fast thrashers and power metal monsters as well as mid tempo anthems like NEVER TO KNEEL and LIBERTY OR DEATH. Also the power ballad CHILDREN OF FLAMES is getting lots of praise which is really cool too.

3. Did you guys have a particular sound in mind for Death Dealer – it’s just so high octane (you’re an inspiration to older headbangers like me that we can still rock out lol) you could bring about a resurgence of US metal!!!

Sean – We just wrote from the heart and this is the result of our overall collaboration. We wanted it to have a classic feel, memorable hooks, all the flash and technicality needed to be considered state of the art. But most of all the songs had to be great.

Ross – Could?? WILL my brother ha ha ha ha!! A particular sound in mind??? Yeah, RIP ASS ha ha ha!!!

4. The songs are equally forceful judging by titles like ‘Never To Kneel’, ‘Hammer Down’ and ‘Liberty Or Death’ so where is whole attitude comin from man – like I said, very rousing indeed!

Ross – like I said, very rousing indeed! We want to inspire yet remain original not clichéd. That’s hard in 2013 but not for Death Dealer!!

Sean – Yeah I was in a real rebellion kind of mood when I wrote a lot of these lyrics. I put stuff out that me as a metal fan would be motivated and compelled to rush the stage, raise my fist in the air, bang my head, and sing along to. I am not just saying that as a cliché that is what really motivates me to love this lifestyle is that emotion that this album “WAR MASTER” gives me. I love it!

5. What was the inspiration behind forming Death Dealer – you guys already play in your own well known bands so couldn’t you get enough metal?

Sean – I don’t know really. There was a secret motivation for me but I can’t really reveal all the details of it. I can hint at the fact that since this happened, CAGE has under gone a severe line-up change for the better because of it. I am just glad it happened because we have a true killing machine and everyone in the band I consider a very close friend. Those relationships in the music part of my life have become more important to me now more than ever before.

Ross- hmm….the search for metallic perfection has ended with Death Dealer ha ha!!!

6. Speaking of your own bands how will Death Dealer fit into their schedules – history hasn’t been too kind to super groups so is Death Dealer a one off or do you plan for it to be ongoing?

Ross – Our past glories are documented and formidable yet we seek the mountaintop of metal! As far as our other projects everything is on the table.

Sean – The first thing we said when putting this together is that it was going to be a band and not a project. Touring is planned already and more and more dates are being booked. Yes most super groups if not all of them never live up to the billing. The albums usually are not super! Our other bands will just have to make it work somehow but DD is out for blood and we literally almost have the next album already written. I am not just bullshitting either that is a true statement. We are committed to play the shit out of the world and release product at a rapid pace!

7. I know you guys have been busy with your own bands i.e. Ross The Boss and Cage but can you tell me a little about what some of the other guys have been up to especially Rhino since we last heard from them?

Sean – Man, Rhino is in Europe now touring with ANGELS OF BABYLON and has a new record coming out too. Stu is working on another EMPIRES OF EDEN album which will be killer I am sure. Mike plays with DRAMARAMA which had a huge hit in the Eighties and is waiting for the dust to settle in the HALFORD camp. CAGE is working on our 7th record which will be a horror concept cd in the KING DIAMOND ABIGAIL vein and Ross…

8. Ross, did you ever work with Rhino – as far as my memory serves me you both served in Manowar but at different times – so did you find common ground there between yourselves in terms of styles and inspirations?

Ross – Rhino and myself are brothers we have a true kinship of ideas , and yes we did not serve at the same time in Manowar though, you are right

9. Will there be any plans for Death Dealer to tour (I certainly hope so) – would you consider going on the road with Manowar or would that be cuttin things a little too fine?

Sean – I would love to play with Manowar but I am sure they would not have us though, but you never know. But yes touring is our main priority now. I know these songs will kill live. We do plan on playing some Manowar songs. I have been wailing those. They are actually the easiest songs for me to sing in the set ha!

Ross – The Death Dealer dates will come fast and furious once the world fully realizes what has happened – and oh yes they will! Would I consider going back with Manowar ???? I have always stated that I love playing with friends. With the right situation who knows? But right now THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE !!

10. Any final words you guys would like to add on the word of the Death Dealer?

Ross – DEF CON 1 !!!

Sean – Just thanks to the incredible early response we have received from the fans and press. It has been amazing! Everyone has really embraced us and I think it is a great time for this band to emerge and claim our place in the genre. Once again thanks for your time Shan!

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