Every time I’ve heard a new DEBAUCHERY I’ve been so impressed by them. And with a new album out there’s no time like now to interview them. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

You guys have been going for some time now and must be considered one of the greatest modern thrash metal bands. How did you come to be at this position?
-Actually I have no idea about any positions, but I`m still in the business because of hard work. One album per year, many shows, a hell of a lot of merchandise etc.

I don’t think I’ve heard an album by you that stinks completely. How do you maintain such a high standard album after album?
-Hard work too. Never release a shit album, that`s one of the few rules.

How do you avoid being stuck in one place/sound yet not losing what makes DEBAUCHERY the band it is? How do you grow without outgrowing your sound?
-My favourite bands like Judas Priest, Maiden, AC/DC etc. are all on a really high level. I have to go long way – if ever – I want to reach their great songwriting skills. So far I see no other way as to learn
new things with every recording. And the core of the DEBAUCHERY sound is me, I do not change, only my abilities. I think that`s the reason every album sounds different but keeps the spirit of DEBAUCHERY.

What kind of status do you have in Germany? Is it all old school power and speed metal or do the metalheads appreciate DEBAUCHERY too?
-The DEBAUCHERY audience is unique. Some Pagan Vikings, some Thrashers, some old school Death Metal Heads, some Rockers. It`s a real mix, like the music.

How well are you doing in the rest of the World? What kind of reactions have you had from the States for example?
-I only have email from the states and facebook friends. I have no idea what`s going on on the other side of the ocean. But perhaps one day I will have the chance to play in the USA. Would be awesome.
Otherwise we were in China, Russia and all over Europe. But we are no rockstars yet, haha.

You guys are very visible, with strong imagery. How much thought have gone into creating the image that you surround yourself with?
-It`s evolving too. I love monsters, Fantasy and Horror stuff.

Is it important to have a strong visual approach or does sneakers and jeans work just as well?
-Metallica have jeans and sneakers. So I think it works very well.

Do you feel that you are where you want to be after having released so many albums or have you suffered any setbacks that have been costly and put you back?
-Hey, every day is a setback, I`m only one guy, doing all the booking and management shit as well. But I keep going. What else is there to do.

How do you best promote your band so that you can build on what you’ve already have created?
-The core should always stay the same. Blood Gods, Blood, Blood Babes, Groove, that`s my stuff.

Any plans for the future?
No plans, they go awry anyway. But there will be a Scandinavian Tour with Six Feet Under, a European Tour with Eisregen, I`m working on a new BLOOD GOD album, writing on a new Carnage Book as well and try to publish more DEBAUCHERY miniatures.


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