DEHYDRATED made me think of the more technical death metal bands like Hate or Fadeless. Death metal that requires your full attention. I liked it so much that an interview had to be set up. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

What was it that made you want to start a death metal band? What influenced you in the beginning?
Ira: We were inspired to form a death-metal band because of our boundless love to this music! At the end of 2008th we gathered from different bands and decided to implement our ideas in this genre. In general, we were inspired by different bands, for example I was inspired by Rammstein, to begin my own musical path. Others were inspired more by Russian rock and punk rock. And step-by-step our musical tastes have changed, developed and become heavier. And this all has resulted into DehydrateD band.

How important is that there are likeminded people around you when you form a band that can give you feedback?
Ira: It’s very important to have like-minded people not only around us, but also inside us. When people are striving for one goal, then to achieve this goal become easier and more enjoyable. So, when surrounding world helps the team, then we feel more, that people need us. And it’s certainly beneficial to our work.

I know very little about your hometown. Are there many death metal fans or are they more into traditional metal? Can you play live and draw a crowd?
Ira: In general, we have city of youth and there are lots of fans of metal. People prefer to listen much extreme (death metal, death core, etc.) styles, in contrast to traditional (heavy metal and others). If we talk about attendance, we can’t complain, we have lots of metal fans at our concerts!

Does it ever become limiting in being just a one guitar band? Are there things that you can’t do with just one guitar?
?vgen: This is a very common question. It doesn’t limit me to have only one guitar in our band, it’s even makes me happy. I can think and play whatever I want, and no matter how I want to play it, and I don’t have to explain this to another man. I feel more freely and individuality, while playing in single guitar. And if you need a lot of parties on the album, I will write them myself just few times.

How hard was it to record your album? Did it take long for you to find the right studio/equipment and people to work with?
Evgen: To record the album we chose the same Tomsk studio, where we recorded our first EP – it is Studio AV, because we know studio’s owner Victor Makhov quite a long, and have dealt many times with him, so to make mastering and mixing we decided to trust him. But, of course, there was help from some other people, you can read about them from our album booklet. In general, nowadays you can record an album just at your home. Very different recording equipment is available nowadays and it’s not very expensive.

You’ve done a music video that looks very professional. What channels are there beside YouTube to show it on?
Ira: Thanks. We know some channels on youtube, where we have our video. This is the channel, which we created not long time ago
And more

How do your national media treat death metal/metal in general? Are you considered subversives?
Evgen: In our country, mass media doesn’t help death-metal and metal bands in general absolutely. We have never seen performance of modern metalcore band on public television channel. As far as I know, it is very different in Sweden and it makes me glad, that somewhere metal is supported not only by mass media, but by government too. If I have mistaken, than this is bad.

How important is playing live to Dehydrated? Is there a live scene infrastructure in your region/country to support a national tour?
Ira: It is very important to us to perform live shows, we very like to perform concerts and want very much to increase the amount of them. Concerts are some kind of unique way to share our energy with pleasant listeners and get great pleasure! We have very few infrastructures in our country that can and really want to support national tours of our band. We have to give lots of adverts by ourselves.

What other ways are there for you to promote the band the best possible way?
Ira: Ways of promotion are classic. This is an adverts on sites in the, internet, perform lots of
concerts, because this is a live advertising, and do not stop the growth.

What can we expect from Dehydrated in the future?
Ira: You can expect more music, clips and concerts from us! We don’t intend to slow down the speed. We are ready to go on and on! Literally, comes our new EP titled “Thirst of Dose” in this month.

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