The Ukraine might be a blank spot for most of us but dig deeper and you’ll find a metal scene on the rise. DELIA being proof of that. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

How important is the right band name? What is the worst band name that you’ve come upon?
-To choose the right band name is a very important step for every band. In Ukraine we have a proverb “As you name your boat so it will float” which means that the name is the destiny. As for me, good band will always choose suitable name, which will sound harmonically with the band’s music and have a meaning for the musicians. I think real musicians who respect themselves and their audience will never name the band like “Gay Dad” or “F**king Eagles” etc. There are lots of examples and I have nothing against these bands but my education would never allow me to name my band like that.

In choosing how to name your band what is it that you are looking for?
-As I’ve just said above, there should be the harmony between the band name and their music. The name should mean something for the band and it should sound logically and match the genre. And each musician of this band should like it and be proud to pronounce it in public.

You come from a place not exactly known for its metal bands. What is it like to have to look outside of your home country if you like to make it big?
-It’s quiet difficult to play such kind of music in Ukraine. If you do it just for fun – that’s great! But if you want to make it more serious – you should be very punchy cause you’ll meet lots of difficulties. There are thousands of good bands and hundreds of good metal bands in our country who can compare with the world known stars, but unfortunately most of them will have no future in Ukraine. We have few music labels but none of them will sign “the band from the street” especially with the symphonic metal. But the punchiest and the luckiest bands sign with the labels abroad. So we never give up!

How much of a progress has the metal scene made both locally as well as nationally? Are there any bands that have made it big that you can look up to?
-Metal scene grows really fast in Ukraine and we have so many great metal bands today. We have lots of opportunities to take part in small concerts because each band or any person can organize metal event. But almost nobody earn money form these performances and all of them need support to become more popular both in Ukraine and abroad. It’s a pity that in our country we can’t see the future for metal music. That’s why the bands that have the clear goal look for the luck abroad. For example, the band Fleshgore. I think they are the only one metal band from Ukraine who had so many gigs abroad. I’m not acquainted with these guys and don’t know how they are doing but I know that they do what they like and are well-known in Europe, Australia and other parts of the world.

When you want to record an album how tough is it to find the right kind of people to work with?
-Recording the material is one of the best tasks for me. We’ve never had any problems with finding the right people to record a song, EP or album. We work with different people, different studios and different sound editors and we like the works of all of them. But we always want to find a new sound, we are not afraid to experiment and we are lucky with finding really talented people to work with. So we are never afraid to work with the new team and now we look for it again to record some new tracks 😉

How pleased are you with the latest recorded work? What kind of expectations did and do you have on it?
-We are pleased with all of our releases. Our debut album “Spogad” (“Recollection”) was released 3 years ago in Ukraine and now it is released in the UK with the Ravenheart label. We still receive orders from all over the world for the Ukrainian copy and I hope our English copy will be even more successful. Our last recorded work was EP “Vogon” (“Fire”) both in English and in Ukrainian. You can download it for free from our official web-site It has a bit different sound comparing to “Spogad” but we like to do always something new and to change a bit our style.

How big is the whole legal download scene in your country? How much problems do you have with bootlegging?
-Ukrainians always try to find the way to get everything for free. We released our debut album and presented it at our solo gig in 2010, and the next day there were hundreds of pages where people could download it for free unofficially. It’s impossible to deal with it in Ukraine. But anyway there are still people who really respect the hard work of musicians and buy official physical or digital copies. But mostly they are not from our native country.

I’m a bit obsessed with great art work and nice lay-outs. How do you go from an art work idea to the actual cover? How much work is there to get everything done?
-Creative people are always full of ideas! For our last two art works the steps were the following: I had an idea, we discussed it, corrected it, add other ideas and explained the idea to the person who would make the layout. We have talented and creative friends who understand what we need and can realize our ideas. It’s not a hard work, but takes a long time to make everything perfect for us.

Can a wrong cover kill an album completely? How important is it that everything looks and feels the right way?
-I don’t think that people who can record a great album can create a completely wrong cover. Of course it’s very important to make everything in the right way and good musicians understand this importance and will always think a lot how to create an appropriate cover. Honestly I can’t remember any of the great albums that I really enjoyed but who had failed covers. It’s like the necessary part of the album and we should pay as much attention to it as to the tracks.

What plans do you have for the future?
-Now we are working on new material and hopefully will release new EP soon. It will be different again. Also we are thinking about recording the second album and making new video. And of course we hope to increase our audience with our UK release. So we have many plans, plenty of ideas and are ready to rock!

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