DEMISE OF GIDEON are another band that came to me courtesy of the net. I immediately knew that I had to interview them. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

What made you go for the Demise oF Gideon moniker as a name for the project?
I wanted to incorporate the visage of Gideon, as a symbol of power, society and religion. In this modern world we are so close on a daily basis to losing not only ourselves but also our society and civilization. So DoG is a symbol of humanities inevitable decline as the world, technology, pace of life over takes us.

When you only have the studio as a playing ground does that give you a greater freedom to create?
I think in many ways, yes. You tend to let things that would inhibit your from performing a piece live through and be a part of the structure of your project. Extra layers, be it guitars, synths, symphonic, or vocals. So in the sense of not being able to put on a stage without a lot of musicians, or sequencing.

What is it that you want to achieve when you start a project that you can?t get out of your ordinary band?
well I haven’t been in an ordinary band that does original in a long long time. all of my original music has been done in a project setting since the 2001. My normal way of doing things is now project based, and the live band is the extra odd part of my life. Besides DoG; I have Fateless Tears, Viggenblot & my solo work, all of which are within a studio project setting.

When you try to combine different styles of metal what is it that you pick from each style?
well when I wrote the music for the album I wanted to mix the story and thematic writing elements of Prog with the power and aggression of modern metal. So added Growls, Screams, & melodic textures of Death Metal, Metalcore. Then all of that blended with a heavy metal base.

Is there one specific international metal scene that is of greater importance to you?
we both look towards the Gothenburg Melodic Death Metal scene. Also, we are both into the Power/Prog bands that came out of that region of Sweden.

What kind of metal climate is there in New Mexico? Is there any style that is more popular than any other?
it is fairly diverse but contained to Extreme Metal, a lot of Grindcore and Hardcore bands. In this area you have a lot of Grindcore, with Djent, and Dubstep folks popping up.

Has modern technology made it easier to be DIY? Do you need a label to release a record?
definitely, without a doubt. there are many avenues the independent artist can take to have their music heard and to greater or less success get paid for it.

Does releasing stuff digitally bring with a greater freedom to do whatever you like?
yes and no, you still have to think about making music people want to hear, or else you are just creating noise, which if that is what you want to do, of course that might be someones idea of freedom.

Is there ever a risk of the digital revolution killing the music scene when people expect to get everything for free?
I believe that has already begun, with the abundance of music being released it was invertible. Peoples ability to create is so vast now, the separation between what is a hobby/amateur and professional is getting narrower, thus the line between free and market economy narrows.

What future do you plan for DOG?
right now we haven’t really discussed where DoG is headed, Chris is working hard on his new Amadeus record, which I am producing with him. In addition, I am working on a new solo instrumental project and a new vocal project, I have also been working with The Minstrel’s Ghost which is a Prog Rock project based out of Tuscon. At some point we will take a look at another DoG release. However, currently nothing is set in stone. I would like to say thanks to Battlehelm for giving us this opportunity, Hails n’ Horns to all the metal brethren out there.

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