As soon as I heard of MY OWN CHAOS I knew that I had to interview them. My questions were answered by vocalist Connie Chaos. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

It seems to me that there is a band under all un-turned stones in Canada. What is the story of the band?
-My Own Chaos formed out of the ashes of a band called Splatter, which was a Ole’sg band (Guitar). Needless to say that band fell apart but Oleg and I decided to keep things going as we worked well together and there was a chemistry in the song writing between us. We forged ahead and created My Own Chaos. And yes we are Chaos.

How would you like to define your sound to somebody like me that is totally new to the band?
-We draw from many influences. I am influenced by Devin Townsend, Strapping Young Lad, Faith No More, etc. Oleg is pretty influenced by Ministry, Prodigy, Enigma and Judas Priest. Steve is influenced by more Punk/Grunge styles like Nirvana, and other styles like Primus, and Cypress Hill and Stony is influenced by bands like Overkill. So we are all over the music map. We simply mix it up and call it chaos. It’s a new genre

When you are an underground band how do you make yourself heard? What sharp elbows do you use to get your name on everybody’s tongue?
-We tour as much as we possibly can and get ourselves in front of as many people as we possibly can. All of us have flexible day jobs so we can tour at a moment’s notice. We also try to keep the media informed of what we are doing through our publicist. We send out our music to various metal stations around the globe and keep on top of social media sites (facebook, etc) This is the era of advanced communication. In a lot of ways, with the advent of social media, it’s easier to get the message out.

I sometime wonder how you go about recording an album. What is the hardest part in that process?
-The repetitiveness is the hardest part that’s for sure. We record our rehearsals and listen back to them to help prepare us for the studio so that we are in and as efficient as possible. In the studio time is money so making sure you are able to nail down your parts is very important. Rehearse rehearse rehearse.

When you are in the studio how much do you compromise? How much do you listen to the producer and how much do you run your own race?
-It’s definitely a learning process. When you are a fresh band in the studio with a producer it’s hard to know which way is right sometimes. To be honest we feel that we listened to the producer too much on the last recording in some places. We are definitely happy with the album and how it turned out but looking back I wish we would have stuck to our guns in a few places. Sometimes you have to follow your instincts. It’s your art and deep down you know what is right. I think it’s a matter of finding the right producer who you are able to have that balance with. Now that we have that experience and knowledge under our belt, we will use it in the future.

What is it like to be a touring band in Canada? Most of the country is just wilderness.
-There is certainly a lot of driving between destinations. As well coming from British Columbia we have the mountains to contend with so travelling in the winter is a lot more difficult due to the weather conditions. Canada is great though and people all over the country are pretty friendly and hospitable. There is always an adventure and I have met the most amazing people on the road.

What does it mean to have people taking care of the boring parts of being a band; the promotion of the band?
-It’s part of what you have to do in order to get to where you need to go. Its great being in a band where everyone pitches in on the promotional part and is willing to do what it takes to help. This is something that sets My Own Chaos apart from a lot of other bands. Usually in most bands its one band member that takes care of that. In our band all of us do it and it makes a huge difference. You certainly can cover more ground. As well having help outside of the band assists us a great deal as well.

I can sometime feel that the social media has been given a too big importance. How do you use these kinds of tools the best way?
-I am constantly hooked in and connected to social media. Its about being able to deliver information and get what people need from you in a timely manner. Time is a precious resource these days so it gives us a chance to get our music out quickly and efficiently. We definitely use social media to our advantage.

How much has the digital download hurt the metal scene? How do you make the most of the change in people’s way to consume metal?
-Sales are down, but exposure is up. As more people hear about you, they are coming to your live shows to check you out. They buy a CD and a T shirt when they see your live show. So in the end it works itself out really.

What would you like to happen to the band in the future?
-We would like to play Wacken-the festival in Europe. We would also like to do some touring overseas. It will happen soon…we are working on it!!

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