Does coming from the desert affect the way you play your metal. How does Las Vegas put its mark on you as a band. Let DEMON LUNG tell you all about it. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Something that I’ve been wondering for a long time is what kind of live scene there is in Las Vegas away from the Casinos and glitter and glamour?
-There are a few venues that are metal-focused here. Doom however is minimal. The bands are really supportive because the scene is relatively small. We rehearse at one of the only rehearsal studios in town and it is kind of a hub for everyone, so we see each other constantly. Everyone helps each other.
If you talk to anyone that lives here, they’ll tell you that they never go to The Strip unless they absolutely have to. We were there last week to see GWAR play, and we will be there in another week to watch Ghost. All the venues for smaller bands are away from the glitter areas and in the seedy underbelly of Vegas….which is how we prefer it.

When you pretty much live in the desert what kind of inspiration does come from that?
-The desert is full of mystery. I have written a lot of lyrics about some old desert legends but they didn’t make it to the EP. Eventually they will. I was born here so I have been surrounded by it forever.

Looking at your logo I get a specific feeling of doom/stoner. How much of a strategy was the lay-out of the logo in describing what kind of metal we can expect from the band?
-I’m very happy that you get that from the logo. Stavros from The Atlas Moth designed it. We gave him some ideas and he came up with it fairly quickly. He is an amazing artist and I was impressed with the first draft. It definitely looks “doom-y” which is what we wanted. I think logos are important for describing what kind of sound a band has.

What is stoner to you? How do you take the stuff that Black Sabbath did in the 70s one step further?
-Our biggest influence is Candlemass. That’s what I always think of as truly “doom metal”. Sabbath is of course everyone’s influence in metal and the foundation of everything that we all do. The first four or five Sabbath records are basically perfect and we are all just paying tribute to them I think.

Just the name Demon Lung makes me think of heavy riffs and slow beats. What kind of idea was there behind the band name?
-We had a roommate that used to launch into these coughing fits that we deemed the “demon cough”. While listening to the Electric Wizard song “Demon Lung” the term quickly changed. When it came time to name the band it just seemed to fit.

The title “Pareidolia” is to me a strange one. What does it mean/represent to you?
-The title track was written about the film Prince of Darkness. In the movie it is said that Satan lives “in the smallest parts, in the atoms”. So it is about seeing the devil in the little things.

When you write long songs how do you know when to end? When is enough enough?
-I don’t write the music, but I can say they all seem to naturally end. Anytime that it has started to sound like there’s extra riffs thrown in for no reason, one of us will bring it up and we will cut it down.

Are there any particular problems with writing lyrics to songs that lasts 7+minutes? How do you know when to insert the lyrics in the music and when not to?
-We always have too many lyrics written. Phil (guitar) and I will write lyrics based on the same subject and then combine it all with the melodies that Jeremy (drums) and I write. We usually end up with pages of unused lyrics. We are a guitar and riff driven band, and the riff takes priority for me. If it needs to stand on its own I don’t want to take away from it with a vocal line. But we construct the songs with the places for vocals in mind.

When do digital releases become a hindrance for a band? Is there any negative associated with releasing stuff digitally?
-Unless it is vinyl, everything else is digital for me. I have hard drives full of stuff, and it’s my primary medium of listening to music. I don’t mind it, but it doesn’t seem as special when you can download an album in 6 seconds with artwork scans and all. If it wasn’t for the internet we would not be doing this interview right now, so I can’t say anything negative really.

How will you take Demon Lung further from having released a record?
-We have our first video being made now. It will be completed before July. We are currently planning a small tour of the west coast, and we are always writing. The plan is to have the full-length ready to release in early 2013, but it all depends on if we get a label to back us for that one. It will come out either way, but if we have to do it ourselves it might take a bit longer.

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