DEMON is a band that don’t really need any sort of introduction. And have you missed out on this band for the past 30 odd years then you’re too blame for it yourself. Answers from Dave Hill. Anders Ekdahl ©2016

I am a word buff . Back when you formed what was it that made you pick the name DEMON? And how well has the name served the band over the years?
-Hi Anders,the name Demon came from Big Demon,but our manager (then record company) Mike Stone suggested we change it to Demon and the name has served us well since than,

There are so many genres and sub-genres today that it is hard to keep track of them all. It wasn’t like that back in the days. Does all these different genres make it harder to find your audience, to build on it and improve it?
-Genres, yes times have changed and there are so many names to music it’s become confuseing,death rock,mor,speed,black metal etc,but we are quite content to be a Classic rock band playing classic rock music.

What influences you in creating your music today? How different is it to write music for the 10th, 15th album compared to the 1st or 2nd ?
-I still use the same formula to write a song as I always have, for our style of music you must start with strong song and build from there, i have always been influenced by great songwriters

If I remember correctly you got some slack for the cover to the first album and then for some lyrics on the second. If you look back at that and compare it to the stuff that is out there today how does the it compare?
-I have given up taking to much notice of what people say after all these years,i just write from the heart and go for it,then hope for the best.

Is image an important factor to a bands appearance? Even for a band that has a huge history to dig from?
-image has become more important in rock,because it’ identifise who you are and what kind of music you follow or perform.

I totally dislike how digital download is pushing away art work and the feel of physical in change of easily chewable consumption. I want to sit there and listen to my music holding the vinyl cover or the CD booklet. Where will this development stop?
-I grew up with Vinyl,gatefold sleeves,wonderfull images and lyrics,and to me going down to my local record shop was the highlight of my life,unfortunately the world has changed and the new world will never know what they er miss
‎Ing,is that progress?

You have a new album out now that you are promoting? What can we expect from it?
-the new album contains all the elements that go to make up Demon music,strong songs and arrangements,story telling lyrics,epic produtions and depth of music that draws you back to it time and time again to discover its hidden gems below the surface

How massive is it to still get response from places you have never heard of after all these years?‎
-it still a great thrill to perform anywhere in the world where people know our music,i remember thinking when we recorded The night of the demon album if anyone would remember us in 2 years time,and that was 35 years ago,so it’s something we still love and a great thrill.

Is playing live still a great way to get new fans to discover you?
-I think playing is still a very important way of communicating with fans specially rock music wich as always been regarded as the ultimate live event,every form of communication with fans is important like interviews,tv,radio,papers etc,but above all live gigs are the ultimate.

What does the future have in its womb?
-the future,to try and keep going as long as we possible can and to deliver the highest possible standard of performance and material,and to hopefully make some lasting contribution to rock music
Thanks Anders
All the best Dave Hill

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