Norway might not be synonymous with thrash metal but look deeper and you’ll find a great thrash heritage too. DERIDE has nothing to be ashamed of. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Why does a Norwegian band decide to play heavy/thrash metal?
OLE: Well why not ? It doesn`t matter where you come from or what
background you have. There`s many bands over here doing all kinds of genres, not just black
metal. We`ve been playing thrash metal since `95 so this is no news to us.

Norwegian metal in the 80s was pretty much a joke but now in the 10s it is looked upon with awe. Do you notice that you get respect just from being Norwegians?
OLE: I do notice some interest since we`re coming from Norway and all. But DERIDE don`t exactly fit in the black metal genre either. By the way Artch, Equinox, and Whitchhammer were great bands from the late 80`s J

When you sign to a label what is it that you look for? What would not have made you sign on the dotted line?
OLE: Well first of all it isn`t easy to get signed nowadays. So I think one needs to lower the expectations a bit, especially compared to the earlier days when bands were actually selling albums. Of course there needs to be a mutual respect and understanding of both the musical aspect and the business side. And to have an open dialog with frequently updates doesn`t hurt either. I don`t know what would have made me not sign the contract.. If a label has a bad reputation I wouldn`t have contacted them in the first place.

I have to admit that even though I Swedish I haven’t heard of you guys before. What have you been up to previously?
OLE: I`m playing in The Batallion, God Seed and Grimfist (which currently is on hold). Kjetil (drummer) is playing in Audrey Horne, and Tony (bass) is playing with Sahg. We like to keep ourselves busy over
here hehe..

How do you come up with a band name that is representative of the style of metal you play?
OLE: I don`t hehe. I`m not good at that stuff. But all kinds of band-names could work nowadays, as long as it sounds cool..It doesn`t need to have a deeper meaning or anything. Our original vocalist Børre Michelsen came up with the name DERIDE.

We often hear of how great the metal scene is in Bergen or Oslo butwhat is it really like to be a metal band in Norway?
OLE: In Bergen the metal scene (and music-scene in general) is quite healthy I think. We have quite a diversity which is really cool for a small city. We don`t make loads of money that`s for sure so it can be a struggle at times. As long as we`re having fun being creative it`s all worth it!

What kind of live scene is there in Norway? Is there any point to going a national tour?
OLE: As a metal band you could do the biggest cities; Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger, Haugesund, Tromsø etc. They all have solid metal support. But it`s not easy to do gigs on the country-side playing extreme metal hehe..

When you come back after an 8 year break away from the album scene what do you expect to get from it?
OLE: Well we don`t expect big album-sales nowadays, since everybody`s downloading. But there`s always a demand for quality music, and live acts. We feel that we still have something to offer in that aspect. If you `re into high energy and brutal attack do not miss out on a DERIDE gig!

How different is the scene now compared to when you last released an album?
OLE: There`s many bands out there these days, doing all kinds of stuff. It`s more difficult to get attention I think. We`ve had quite a few solid reviews on the new album ?The Void?. But we definitely need to get out and do more gigs to get the attention we deserve.

What prediction do you have for the future?
OLE: It feels really great to get this album out and available to the listeners, so that we can start to work on new material. There won`t be another 8 years for the next album that`s for sure !! But for now, make sure you guys check out our new album “The Void” out through Massacre Records!!

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