I wasn’t familiar with DESECRESY before I received their latest album “The Doom Spektron” but boy was I impressed by it. So much that I had to interview Tommi Grönqvist. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Is there something special to being a death metal band from Finland?
-There isn’t any fundamental difference from being a Death Metal band from anywhere else. DESECRESY is primarily a Death Metal band without further definitions, but there is some Finnish touch in our music that comes naturally. Nowadays here are bands more influenced by American acts as well as bands that seek inspiration from the Finnish early 90’s DM.

Why do we see so many great death metal bands coming from Finland? What do you hide in those dark forests that make for great death metal?
-Well there was a period of time approximately from mid 90’s to one decade ahead when there where very few DM bands active in Finland.
Fortunately there has been sort of a renaissance since then. Our musical heritage over all is quite dark and melancholic. That mixed to Death Metal makes a good blend of darkness and brutality… And maybe there is something wicked in those forests that turns young (and ageing) men to play this kind of abomination.

We often see mainstream metal on the Finnish charts but what about death metal. What kind of interest is there for it from the more mainstream?
-The mainstream isn’t much interested in Death Metal or aware of it. Of course Death Metal is doing just fine without their interest.

Can we speak of a specific Finnish death metal sound like we talk about Stockholm death of Göteborgsdöds?
-Production wise there isn’t that specific Finnish Death Metal sound, such like the “sunlight” sound in Swedish DM. The term Finnish Death Metal often refers to a stylistic attribute, which is very dark and even melancholic to some extend, but sicker and definitely less melodic and less sentimental than for example the Göteborg DM.

Why do we see a Desecresy album now? Why is the time right for you guys to release an album now?
-Now is as good time as any. The album was finished early this year (2012) and it was released now in the summer. I think Death Metal is quite timeless music and I’m sure there are pairs of ears longing for it now and in the future as there has been for over more than two decades.

How do you intend on promoting it? How serious are you about promoting the band this time around?
-I have to admit I haven’t thought about promotion very… seriously. As a two man band we don’t play live and at least for now we don’t have any plans for session line-up for live shows. So that makes promoting the band a bit challenging. We are dead serious about making our music. Our vocalist Jarno plays in some other bands but I don’t have any other projects, so I am entirely focused on DESECRESY.

What kind of live scene is there for death metal in Finland? How much fun is it playing in northern Finland?
-There are many metal heads in Finland so I would say the live scene is at least ok. Going further to the north the towns get smaller and the distances get bigger so the most northern part of the country is not that lively I suppose. But in the major cities, playing live isn’t that different from other European countries, talking from the experience in our former Death Metal band SLUGATHOR.

Do you feel that you are a part of a scene? What is it that makes a scene a scene?
-I guess a scene is social involvement and intera_ction between people in the same region with the same interest, in our case Death Metal. I think we are in some way part of a scene, but personally I don’t have that much involvement with people, so DESECRESY is loosely part of the scene.

How do you feel that you are looked upon in an international perspective?
-It seems that sometimes being from Finland puts us in a different light compared to bands from many other countries, in good and bad. One reviewer seemed to think we formed this band trusting that people are interested in us just because we’re Finnish. From our perspective that just sounds absurd. Here we are surrounded by Finnish bands and there’s nothing special about that.

What future do you think there will be for Desecresy?
-I hope we have a future with many good albums in years to come. Right now we are working on the third album and we already have a lot material for it.

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