DESTINITY is a band that I’ve been aware of for a very long time now. So with a new album out it was time to finally interview them. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

I have often wondered about your name. Where does it come from and what does it mean to you?
Mick (vocals) :That’s a frequently asked question…and also a funny story. Back in the early days of of the band we were on holidays in the South of France and one night we were pretty drunk and one of us started hitting on this hooker whose name she said was “Destinity”…to say the least her look corresponded completely to the music we wanted to play! Beautiful, but ravaged…and brutal!

Do you feel that you’ve contributed to the increase in interest for French metal that we now see?
Seb VS (Lead guitar): Well I hope so!! We are lucky to be now in a metal scene where French bands are valued for the quality f their music. It wasn’t always the case in the past. So I guess that now thanks to great bands like Gojira the metal scene is opening up for French bands to go international. And I’m glad we are part of this movement.

How would you like to comment on your place in the French metal scene?
Mick: The band has existed for 16 years now and we have traveled all over France…I’m not even sure there’s a city that we haven’t played in!! In our specific style (Thrash Death melo) we are lucky to be considered as a reference in France. But now with the release of “Resolve In Crimson” our focus is to play abroad.

What are your impressions of the French metal scene? Is there such a thing really?
Mick: the scene is not as big as in Germany or in Sweden for sure but there is a very devoted and passionate metal scene in France. We are always surprised to see fans who drive 4h from home just to come and see us! So yes, the metal scene is quite active in France!

You’ve released albums over a period of time. How do you view the progress you?ve made over the years?
Seb VS: For each album we have always improved as musicians and song-writers. In “Resolve In Crimson” we have some songs that are very complexly written like “Can’t Stand the Sight”. Such songs we never could have written 10 years ago! Now we are able to use technique efficiently and write coherent songs.

How far are you today from what you originally set out to do?
Mick: We completely surpassed what we thought we would be. We started out 16 years ago as teenagers and I never would have thought that one day I would be playing all over Europe! So this is really amazing and we will keep on doing our doing until we die!!

Where do you intend to take Destinity? How far can you go?
Seb VS: We can go anywhere as long as there’s a stage to play, booze, and chicks!! Nice program, right?! I guess we haven’t thought about limits, we will go as far as possible and now that’s things re picking up it’s a great moment to live.

I guess it would be stupid to not think that your last album is your greatest. How does the new album differ from the previous one?
Mick: On “Resolve In Crimson” we wanted the album to be more catchy than our previous album but still very aggressive ! We’ve being working on this album for almost two years and the process was long and tedious. The plan was actually to come back to the stuff we did on The Inside. We were aiming for more thrashy parts and aggression while emphasizing on the atmospheric elements in choruses which adds a lot of intensity. We tried to make the best mix of what we do which means brutality, a good amount of melodic parts, and high level technical guitar parts.
Needless to say we threw away at least 40 songs that didn’t make the cut… . We were really looking for perfection !

How hard is it to come up with an album that matches or even surpasses the previous one?
Seb VS: I guess we were just lucky that it’s better!! Actually we just wrote music and kept the best stuff we composed to make this album, and it worked. We took the time to do things right and here it is. the writing process was actually easy because we were able to write so much stuff and then pick out the best riffs.

What future is there?
Mick: Yes definitely! We will be touring a lot in 2013, mainly France and Europe, and surely the Summer festivals. It’s going to be a busy year for us but we are really happy to go back on the road! heck our website and Facebook for all our tour dates and much more. Thanks for the interview and hope to see you guys and the road really soon!

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