DESULTOR from Stockholm, Sweden should not be confused with Desultory from Stockholm, Sweden. Musically you’ll never get these two acts confused. The one without an Y s extreme metal in the widest of its meaning. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

The first thing I thought when I saw your band name was that somebody spelt the name Desultory wrong. Why chose a band name that could that easily be mistaken for another band, still active?
– Because we didn’t know they existed and we still don’t care. We have asked them to play with us, so that the audience will be more confused.

What do you call your music and what is the major influence? Is there anything in particular that shaped the sound?
– Extreme metal. Because we take metal to the extreme. We don’t have any specific major influence, we are inspired by a lot of music. The major influence would be to create own stuff and not copy anyone else. Create your own scales and do your own awesome melodies, we recommend it!

You seem to be a two-piece. Is that a drum machine we hear or is the drummer that precise in real life? Is it easier being just two in a band?
– Yes, he is absolutely human. He plays that in his sleep, you should see him when he plays the “really” technical stuffs.
– We think so, yes. We think similar and every process just runs much smoother in every area.

What limitations are there to just being two in a band? Anything that you want to do but can’t?
– Only money but besides that, none. When we work with music it goes exactly how we want it. We love to play everything that has to do with the simplicity in the music as well the very complex. And a lot of musicians doesn’t think like that in metal any more these days, they are all traditional players. Mikael Ibrahim is the only person I know who can think outside the box like I do when it comes to playing metal. And that´s how we want it.

I must admit that you are a blank card to me. What’s the history of the band? What have you done before Desultor?
– Well we are kind of new in the business, this is our debut album you know. We have struggled among like all the other billion metal bands out there. We have played mostly in traditional metal bands both of us before Desultor. Ibrahim and I met for the first time 4 years ago when we played together in Goatsodomizer. At that time we where both session musicians and we kind of still are. We both happened to end up on the same gigs and tours all the time and play in the same bands so we kind of built up a lot of routine and chemistry between us. And when we write our own music and not play by others music we kind of feel like we can do whatever we want without any rules. And by that inspiration to each other we kind of built up Desultor what it is today. We have sacrificed a lot of time and money to turn down tours and music jobs in the business. We still work as session sometimes when we need some extra dollars to pay the bills. But that´s why it took us so long to release our debut
album because it took us to pay the studio like two years of hard work. The album was finished already in 2011. What we play today is a whole another story. This is our debut album we have just released and we are very happy people seems to enjoy it. But we have more routine now on the new stuff and with the same hunger and fire like before. So it´s gonna be awesome to show you guys the new stuff as soon as we get some money from gigs and tours and maybe some from the album so that we can go back to studio and record again.

What intentions do you have for the band now that there is an album out? How serious is this to you?
– This is what we live for and have fought for. This is our dream. Our goal is that to some day to make a living on the music so that we can spend all our time and money on the music we love to play most, Desultor. That´s how serious this is to us.

How do you best make a name for yourself? Do you just let the music do the talking and trust it to be enough?
– Yes. When the word spreads around is the best and genuine PR you can get. We rather have few hardcore fans than a lot of brainwashed fans by the media. This our little secret how good this music is. The journalists are all about the finesse and structures in music and compares us to all kind of crazy artists and genres and we have no idea what they are talking about most of the times. But the fans are just glad they got something to headbang for. Some of them have said it feels like they have gone to headbanging heaven hahahaha! There is no finesse to our music, we just love to play what sounds good. It´s that simple.

I am pretty impressed with the album “Master Of Hate”. It reminds me of a harder and faster version of Oxiplegatz. How hard was it to come up with the stuff that makes up the album? What kind ofvision did you have for the album?
– It´s “Masters of Hate”. I don´t know why alot of people miss that… The vision for the album was to have the clean song to all the music me and Mikael comes up with when we are jaming. We have written like 30 songs for the album so we picked just some of the best of them and started to play with them and it was just plain fun and not hard at all to do it.

What is the hardest part; writing music or lyrics? How do you make the lyrics fit the music?
– Well, I don’t know. I don’t see anything hard or struggling with both parts, I see them as hobbies which I like to play with. And I think that´s why everything fits so well, because you can hear there is passion and it´s genuine. I think that´s why a lot of people appreciate it.

What kind of future do you envision for Desultor?
– Big stage arenas with a lot of party going on backstage and after parties and have a really great time with the band and play great music we love to do. And just everything that comes around the band is just we want to do. That´s our dream.

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