I knew nothing about DEVIL I KNOW before I got sent their album but I liked it enough to wantiong to interview them to get to know then better. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Do you follow a traditional Finnish sound or do you see yourself as outsiders?
-Of course we all have listened to our share of Finnish bands, but our influences come mostly from bands outside Finland. When we are doing songs we don’t really think if it should sound this or that, if it sounds good it’s good.?

What does it mean to your sound that there is a large metal scene in Finland?
First of all we don’t consider ourselves as a metal band. Most of the time we don’t think stuff like that, we just do what gotta be done.

What was it that made you want to do DEVIL I KNOW? Why do you want to be in a band?
-When we were twelve we heard that playing in a rockband gotsta get you laid, of course it was the biggest hoax of all time… So here we are four sad souls browsing through Xhamster and dreaming of a better life.

How pleased are you with your latest album? What kind of responses have you had to it so far?
-The response has been great. People have really dug the album and we can really feel that at our live shows. We are flabbergasted about the fact that the album has been played by radiostations across the globe.

What would you like to achieve with the album/band? What would make you happy/pleased?
-The band gotta get out of the pizza parlors and getta on top of the mountain. That would be our ultimate happy ending. We gotta get by with this album, it’s a great debut album. Now we’re actually writing new material for our upcoming album.?

What kind of significance is there to the band name? Do you want to say anything with it?
-Every band needs a name. So do we. We gotta have a name.

How important are the lyrics to you guys?
-They gotta be great otherwise there would be no “party time! excellent!”

How important is the way you present the band in photos and art work? How much thought goes into the presentation?
-Of course it has a huge value these days, but we know our photoshop so everything is ok.

Has it become harder to stand out today? Is the competition in combination with people being jaded a major obstacle you have to overcome for people to notice you?
-Sometimes when I’m drunk it’s quite hard to stand out, but I don’t see any competition in standing. There is plenty of room to stand where I come from.

What do you see in the future?
-I’m not a fortune teller am I? Give me a gypsy, a speedball, John Travoltas pubic hair, Morgan Freemans tears and a bible so I’ll tell you the future. Otherwise you tell me.

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