I remember a time when Polish metal was exoctic and it felt like a happening when you could get your hands on an LP or two. Nowadays it is as common as water but nevertheless still as exciting. As with DIABOL BORUTA. Anders Ekdahl ©2016

How hard was it to come up with a band name and how does the name fit the music?
-Ideas for first songs with elements of folklore prompted us to search for the name of the band is in such a genre. As the words of our songs talk about ghosts, beliefs, traditions of the old Slavs, hence we narrowed the search to a group of characters from Polish legends. Diabol Boruta is one of the Polish medieval noble demons, a legendary figure. And even though he belongs to a group of demons, has a tail and hooves (also takes other forms), he is better known for his good deeds. What’s more, he is a fun-loving demon .

As I am new to your band perhaps a short introduction might be in order?
-Of course, it would be the best for you just to listen to our music, then we will not need to theorize… Also, our official historical (auto)biography is available on the internet, so we will not bore you here …just encourage you to read it! But in two words – we are musicians who play music classified as folk-metal but one could trace many other influences here – classical folk music, death metal, punk-rock and even rock and roll. We sing in Polish, and our lyrics often touch even poetry, which can distinguish us among other bands (although not always), but what is significant – the words play as an important role as music. We could write here that our lyrics have an amazing climate of Slavs, our legends, fairy tales, beliefs in monsters, spirits (hence the title of our new third album which will be released 11/11/2016 “Widziadła” but we won’t…but again just encourage you to get to know our music and lyrics.

As I am no musician I have no idea how it works, but how do you make your own music based on what influences you? What parts do you pick?
-We all listen to different kinds of music, but when creating Diabol Boruta’s pieces these influences mingle and songs are formed on the basis of compromise. Maybe that’s why they are so interesting and varied. By all means, we wouldn’t be able to play together with no common musical interests. We all like guitar music, but besides folk we listen to classical music, electronic or film music as well. Unlike other bands we do not assume how the piece will sound like in advance, and our music is not a product packaged in a marketer box. Since you are not a musician, try to play a musical instrument, preferably with a group of your buddies and you will know what we mean…

When you are in a band does it feel lkke you are a part of a worldwide movement?
-It doesn’t work like that. Music is everything to us. Performing on stage when we are among people cannot be compared to anything!. We feel as if we were just a small piece of pan-European music scene, because thanks to technology, we were able to make contact with Pure Steel, who are doing a great job promoting us on all continents. It is known that the Internet has its good and bad sides, but it is the next question…

How import_ant is it that you look the part in promo shots and stuff? How import_ant is the graphic side of the band?
-The desire to show our work, to share it with others requires a large promotional contribution. That’s why both, the record label and the band, take part in that process. Therefore, the graphic side is an integral part of the creation of the album, which in addition to the musical one. When you buy an album we usually count on the fact that in addition to music we will also spend some time reviewing the book, reading lyrics, watching graphics and photos. We do not pay much attention to pictures of the band, but we want the recipient to get interested in lyrics and drawings related to them (they might somehow get to like them!), and intrigued by the cover or the graphics inside not to put it away on the shelf too quickly but devote it some time. Each of us would be pissed when buying a CD would get a two-paged book. It is known that good music defends itself but the album: the music, the lyrics and the graphic side consist one entity.

What would you say influences your lyrics? How import_ant are they?
-It’s variously with lyrics – first appears the music and then our imagination works. We adjust words to the vibe of the track and try to embody emotions that would be consistent with the music. The lyrics describe all kinds of monsters but in the way a little bit “darker” than on “Stare Ględźby” – have you listened yet? The whole new album is in Polish, and the album ends with our interpretation of the folk song “W moim ogródeczku,” (In my little garden) . As a bonus we added two songs from the album but sung in English – why is that? Since our record company makes a cool promotion of our album basically all over the world, so it’s a tribute to the English-speaking people to ‘smatter” a bit of our stories 🙂 And just one more wonderful curiosity we might add is that the piece in which you can hear growling vocals is a very romantic one! So, can you connect growling and romantic? Yes, you can! But if we need inspiration – it is the nature where we seek. Especially in the summer we hide ourselves in a cabin in the woods alienating from the city, listening to a variety of interesting stories while drinking beer and making contact with the “visions”.

Is the album as relevant today as it was in the 70s and 80s? Is digital killing the album?
-We believe and we hope that as long as people buy paper books along ebooks, they will also buy the albums along “e-albums”. Perhaps today it is easier to buy a CD, and digitization – we want to believe -does not kill but help in not only the creation and publication of analogs
but also access to music. Because of that reason, the local band, as we are, can be heard on the other side of the world.

Where will the future of format end – digital verses physical verses whatever?
-Physically, our CDs have not arrived yet, but we have been able to listen to our new album on mp3 players for about two months now, and still we can’t wait for the delivery with the physical copies. And it can be the answer to your question. And when you hear someone listening to our music e.g. on the phone, we are sure it will interest you enough to go to the store and buy it-physically!

How much of a touring entity are you guys? What is a live experiencevwith you like?
-How is that possible you haven’t been to our concert yet? They all were, but you! But to be serious…we are very concert-like and live gigs are a great fun for us and we hope that so it is for the audience. On stage we act spontaneously, we haven’t got kind of trained, acting behavior, just pure rock and roll. If you like having a good time by the stage, you will not be disappointed, unless they just cut off the electricity!

What lies in the future?
-Concerts begin slowly – those promoting the new album – unfortunately, we live in a region of Poland where it is usually too far away to go to another town to play one gig and then come back because of the costs … but we would willingly accept a sponsor who could help us financially in those trips!!! The rest of the world probably will need to wait a little longer, but who knows….There are some plans to record a new album next year but we need to find some time for that…. We also want to make another music video, but it is not something we are quick at – it’s not a simple thing Sir …. and new songs won’t do themsevles! We hope that we will manage to achieve our goals and on the occasion of our next album we will meet and talk personally e.g. in Berlin!

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