I’ve been into British bands for a long time but I’m not that familiar with Irish bands. Perhaps Dichotomy is the start of a new journey for me. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

How hard is it to come up with a name that hasn’t already been used several times before?
-Today realistically it’s almost impossible. We where looking for a band name for a long time for this exact reason. “Dichotomy” has been used before but none of the other bands still exist or play the same style that we do so we never saw it as an issue. One word band names are all taken at this stage and bands that play similar styles to us with multiple-word band names automatically get thrown into the “death-core” area by allot of people. We chose dichotomy as it best suited the music and lyrical themes, some like it, some don’t but the same can be said about anything really.

How important is the band name really? Do people really care what you are called?
-Well we gathered allot of attention at first because of our band name. Not entirely for the meaning but mostly because 80% Irish people for some reason cant seem to pronounce Dichotomy correctly. But surprisingly it did work to our advantage. people started to talk about “That new Tech band from Dublin with the crazy name Di…chot….Die…eh???”. We found it hilarious. But once people asked us how to pronounce it they became pretty curious as to what it meant and why we chose it. So it must be important to some people I guess.

How important is the lyrics today? Do they have to have a message or can they be about just about anything?
-That would depend on the person really, allot of people don’t really care about lyrics which works in the favor of bands who do grind “pig-squeals” and other effect types of singing . But there are definitely people on the opposite side of the spectrum who enjoy reading lyrics and finding meanings or there own interpretation of song meanings. Our vocalist Kev would be the type of person to read a lyric book while listening to the album. He spends allot of time on lyrics and themes for the people who might read our booklets. So again it would rely on the person.

What was it that made you want to play the style of metal that you play?
-All the girls….HA!
Honestly we didn’t consciously say at the start ok lets do a certain style for a specific reason like most bands. We more just wanted to combine styles and play music that we would like to hear ourselves. All of us are in our early twenty’s so we grew up listening to music of the 90’s and 00’s which in itself was petty varied in terms of music style so I would imagine that’s what made us want to play the style we do.

What would you say has been the greatest source(s) of inspiration?
-There would be too much to name but lyrically most often then not it would be based around psychology, personal upbringing/experiences. And musically we would each be inspired by different things. Usually as a whole what most inspires us is when we hear something that’s against the norm or a bit off the wall . what we do is take a that idea/riff and make a bunch of variants of it and see what we can do with it musically. In a nutshell our biggest inspiration is usually something that would cause a spark of interest between all of us

How different is your sound today from when you started? How has the evolutionary scale progressed?
-Well Dichotomy is new band we started in 2011 so we have a fairly small space of time to talk about. For us there has not been a massive evolution, more just us creating what we want to musically. We finished recording our first album in January entitled Paradigms which is released August 14th The pre-release has received a surprisingly good reception in our eyes. Currently we are beginning to write a little and develop some ideas for the second album, between us writing together there is definitely some minor evolution in terms of a goal as we set a standard for ourselves to live up to with the first album. This time the goal is to try include all the things that in our eyes we didn’t do in Paradigms and include them in the next album, or at-least develop on some ideas and push forward. So there is no major evolution at the moment but there definitely will be in the future.

When you have a record to promote how do you know where to send it for maximum exposure?
-For us we send it everywhere we possibly can and we also get the record to the people outside of ourselves who can give it maximum exposure in places we cannot. We as a band know some of the places to send our material for exposure but there are companies and people who promote allot better then we ever could, so we use that to our advantage.

When you go into the studio how well have you done your home work on the place? Do you know exactly what you want and how to get it?
-Before we went to Westland Studios in Dublin we made a point of finding a place that could give us what we wanted. We put allot of our own money into the Paradigms and our merchandise sales is helping allot at the moment (Thank you to everyone who has bought our stuff) but obviously putting our own money into the band but its well worth putting the money in to get what you want. We researched for a long time to find the place that was best to record and for us we found the place, and we are definitely going back.

Nowadays everybody and his grandfather can start a webzine. Are the enormous numbers of sources for exposure a good thing or a bad thing?
-Well, the same could be said about almost everything, There are more people alive on the earth today than there has ever been alive in the past. My logic is that more people results in more Webzine’s. It’s true that at the moment a band is never going to completely get full exposure from every wabzine or mag’ like bands did in the past but there are so many bands nowadays that its impossible for a webzine to cover them all anyway so they need to be covered by someone. Most people read from multiple sources anyway.

What kind of future do you expect to see?
-Hopefully one with girls.

What is ‘Paradigms’ all about?
-‘Paradigms’ is about a multiple of things. The 5 of us wanted to get together and write music that we would be happy to listen to ourselves. we all individually have a varied taste in music and style so the music we created had allot of contrast so the name Dichotomy was chosen. The lyrics themselves in Paradigms create a collection of dichotomies. So in a nutshell you could say that ‘Paradigms’ is about the band name which is about the music.

How quick did the music come together?
-The album itself was written over the space of eighteen months or so, with some songs being composed quicker than others. Throughout, when we let the songs write themselves they would come together relatively quickly.

Is there a lyrical theme or what message(s) are you putting across?
-There isn’t one specific concept/narrative to the album, but a lyrical theme shown in every song in some shape or form is that of dichotomy – opposition and balance. Each song tells its own story but from multiple perspectives.

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