With a new 20 track album just released DIE PRETTY are set to take on the world in order to make it theirs. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Is live fast die pretty a good motto to live by?
-I think that is a great motto to live by. As far as I have seen, you only go around once. Live it up!

I’ve seen pictures of you when you are a three piece. Is that the ultimate band constellation? What is so good about a three piece band?
-We are actually a 4 piece. At the time when we were doing press for our new album, “BEYOND FATE,” our previous drummer Angelo had to leave the band. His wife, who we dedicated the album to was suffering from breast cancer. So at that time we were in the middle of a lineup change. Die Pretty has always been a 2 guitar, bass and drums band. We like being a 4 piece, you have more options when playing live.

When you deal with family in a band setting (brother+sister, wife/husband etc.) does that bring with it a gap to the other members as far as inclusion/seclusion goes? How does it work being family in a band?
-When you are in the band with your sister, you always have that sibling connection, but in Die Pretty we are all equally heard. In the end, the band IS your family. You are all siblings lol.

When you are a small band trying to make a name for yourself touring is the best way of building a reputation. Is that still true in this day and age? Do people come out to see an unheard off band?
-Social media is a great way to connect to people but playing live is still the best way to make fans and let people hear your band the way it’s meant to be heard. There are still music lovers out there that look for new bands and will come out to see an unknown band. There are not that many left lol but they do exist. We live in a tough era where social media is king, but it is also a bit saturated.

How do you avoid ending up fighting each other after having played one small place after another?
-Playing in small clubs and bars is just a part of the industry. Actually some of the best shows are in dive bars. It is way more initmate and you can interact with a crowd easily.

The other day when listening to The Goo Goo Dolls it hit me how good bands like Husker Du and Government Issue were. How conscious are you of the past musical treasures when you write new songs? Where does inspiration come from?
-Yes we constantly listen to the bands that put us where we are and made us pick up an instrument. Your influences are your own classics. The tricky thing today is how do you hang on to your roots but yet stay contemporary? That’s the struggle. You have to keep up with the changing industry to stay relevant. Not many bands have been able to do that consistently over time.

Everybody need reference points when they discover new music. Are there any bands that you’ve been compared to that has been totally off the wall?
-Well since Sarah is the lead singer we get compared to a lot of girl fronted bands like No Doubt, Hole, Garbage, Tsunami Bomb. I never think a reference to another band is totally off of the wall because in the end it’s still a compliment. People interpret your music differently so whatever they associate you to in their head is fine with me.

How do you deal with bad reviews or bad press in general? Can you let it wash off like bad rain or does it get to you?
-You can’t let them get you down. Everyone has an opinion and they are entitled to it. It does bum you out for a minute or two, but then you read something positive and move on.

How would you like to describe your music in order to sell it the best possible way?
-I’d say take the feeling you get when you just won a competition or sporting event, combine that with your favorite color, food and a lot of money. That is what Die Pretty is like. JK. Actually I guess we would call Die Pretty Rock/Alternative/Pop music. If you come to our show you will dance and you will also rock out hard.

Where do you like to see Die Pretty go in the future?
-I would like to be able to spread our music to as many people as possible. We are an independent band so we need our fans to help us do that. Please join “Die Pretty Nation” on our website and help us take the music to places it has never been heard.

Die Pretty
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