DILUVE was a blank to me before I got sent their album. But I liked it enough to wanting to know more about the band. All answers by Nico. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

As I think that not too many know of DILUVE would you be so kind to quickly introduce us to the band?
-We are five nice guys from Tuscany, we love to play fast and louder than hell. Our music can be described as a sort of Metal-Punk.

Is there such a thing as a traditional Italian heavy metal sound? Do you feel that you follow in any certain footsteps?
-In my opinion there isn’t a thing that can be defined as ‘italian sound’; the real Italian rock trademark is the ‘italian attitude’… we are very spontaneous and we like to show our rough nature on stage.

How hard is it to be totally original today? What have been your greatest influences so far?
-When you play and compose music you just have to express yourself by writing arrangements and words that you feel and don’t care about being original. Every band finds his sound and his style by following his path, this is not an immediate thing. We think that hearing and playing different kinds of music is very important; the bands we listen are many but the bands that inspired our album sessions are few: Anthrax, Offspring, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Helloween, No-Fx.

How do you describe the choice of band name? What does it mean to you?
-Is not easy to find a band name that you like and that sound good. The name ‘Diluve’ doesn’t mean anything, is just the saxonization of the Italian word ‘Diluvio’ which means ‘Flood’.

How hard is it to find anybody that believes in the band enough to wanting to release it on record?
-AAh! Really good question! Six years ago, the period in which we formed as a band, it was very hard, and I think it gets harder and harder everyday! I’m very proud to say that my older friends are also my bandmates! I see their fucking faces everyday! One day for playing, the next day for drinking, the Friday for playing (again) and it goes on and on like this…

How hard is it to do all this by yourself? What are the benefits of having somebody do it for you?
-Doing music and promotion by yourself is very hard, it takes a lot of time and energy. Once upon a time in a fairy world the bands used to drink beer and play rock’n roll but nowadays if you want to rock you have to throw the beer and work work work! We are under contract with a young rocking label, the GhostLabelRecord that helps us with the promotion.

When you decided on a title for the album what was that made you chose “What The Hell”?
-We thought that WTH was the right title because of the song (the title track and the first online-single of the album). It’s the last song written during the writing sessions and it’s our favourite one!
There’s also a video on YouTube for that song made with the footages of our last teutonic adventure, when we played at Eber-Hart Festival…check it out!

How hard is it to find the right kind of art work? What is it that you are looking for when you chose art work?
-For What The Hell we wanted a Punk-looking artwork, not metal or splatter stuff. After some trashed ideas we fell in love with the crazy alien jellyfish (a paint made by our friend). I thing that you don’t have to find your own artwork…you just have to wait and it will find you!

Do you follow a theme when you write lyrics? What is a good song text to you?
-Our songwriting starts from an idea, which is the root of the song. It’s like looking a movie in your mind…you just have to find the soundtrack. A good lyric comes simultaneously with the music.

What future do you see for the band?
-We hope for a future made of music, fun and gigs. We got some new surprises for the next months…stay tuned!

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