I found DIMLIGHT searching the net one day. I liked what I heard and had to interview them. So here it is. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

How hard is it to come up with a band name that both sounds good but also has a great meaning to it?
-It was an inspiration in the moment and we realized the name Dimlight represented our music perfectly.

How would you like to describe your style of metal? What bands have been most important in shaping your sound?
-We don’t really like putting labels generally because we have a variety of elements in our music that makes it hard to categorize but just to give a small hint we would say its base core would be atmospheric metal.

What has been the greatest praise so far as well as the greatest misunderstanding?
-The greatest praise so far is the love and support of the people towards Dimlight. We extremely lucky to have our fans next to us each step we make. The biggest misunderstanding would be about some of our lyrics on one of our songs ‘Absence of Light’, we used some words from the Quran and a couple of people misinterpreted the meaning of the song thinking we meant bad but the truth is the last thing we wanted is to insult.

How tough is to make a name for yourself in your country? Are people prepared to support native bands?
-The conditions in Greece never helped any band to ‘make it’ financially wise. Although there is a tremendous support from the fans and at the same time Greece has so many good and talented bands and there is a lot of will. I believe the more effort you put into something the more chances you have to achieve your goals,

We live in a global economy where the slightest instability affects so many nations. How does the economy affect being in a band?
-As I have already mentioned before the economy is a huge part in the music industry. If you don’t have a good budget behind you can’t have a proper album production, cover, promotion etc. And if so, a band has the budget to do all the above, we found ourselves countless times deprived of opportunities to tour and promote our music due to the huge amount of money required.

What role do the lyrics play in your music? Do you want to say anything with them?
Yes lyrics play a huge part in our music. It is something that comes out naturally so there are times that we are focus on something more specific and sometimes on something more vague depending our emotions.

How important is presentation? Does it matter how a record looks as long as the music is great?
-The music production of an album is something necessary if you want to make sure that the audience will comprehend and completely understand and hear what you’ve written and composed. The visual part of it all is as important as the audio nowadays due to the fact the visual stimulation takes up an enormous part in our lives (internet-TV).
If you look at it internationally. Is there any place where you’d like to make more than others?
-We’ve had many experiences abroad, playing in many countries and it is so wonderful to see new people and different cultures embracing our music. One of our biggest dreams s to visit and tour the U.S.A. cause it is an enormous land with a huge well established music industry.

Had it not been for Facebook I had not heard of you. How important are the social media in helping spread a band’s name?
-The social media is a powerful tool for an artist and it helps tremendously and it needs a hell of a management!

What lies in the future for DIMLIGHT?
-We are in the process of writing new material for our third studio album which sounds so far very promising and we are also planning a small European tour in September!

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