I never got the greatness of Led Zeppelin when I got into hardrock in the 80s. Later on I’ve come to understand them. DIRT’s borderline hardrock/metal kinda reminded me of that groove. I got Sven to answer my questions. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

What is the hardest part being a band on the up’n’coming?
-That the people notice you as a band and that they like your music and come to your live shows. Also raising a fanbase seems to be very hard (but we have to say that DIRT already has a great fanbase who support them now for 3 years!!)

You have a very short and to the point band name. How hard was it to come up with it and why the choice of name?
-It wasn´t that hard to choose this name. Due to this kind of music and its sound we thought it would fit pretty good. Years ago, me and some friends rised another band and we were looking for band names and DIRT was also a suggestion but not suitable for that band and music.

Is there a difference to life in the south of Germany compared to the north? Do you feel that Europe is at your feet when it comes to touring and gigging?
-The mentality between the south and the north of Germany is pretty different. In the south the people are more sociable and more relaxed. The people from the north are more silent and more withdrawn. That’s how they seem to us. Furthermore we have the better beer and the weather is nicer over here. As there is a small number of bands who play our kind of music all over Europe and from our experience we think that DIRT will go down well in Europe.

Your music is being described as a southern groove metal band. What does that really mean?
-The southern groove metal is composed by different genres of rock and metal. It´s influenced by the rock of the 70´s (e.g. ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Lynyrd Skynyrd, etc.), as well as by the groove metal bands (e.g. Pantera, Down, BLS), furthermore there are some influences of 80´s metal and rock. A mix of all these genres and our own touch becomes DIRT.

Why did it take 3 years between albums? What is the toughest thing with the length of time between albums?
-The first album “Suicide Blues” was released in autumn 2009 an we had lots of gigs in 2010 and also in the beginning of 2011. After that we had time to write some new stuff. Furthermore we wanted to increase our performance and we wanted a high quality product and we decided not to risk this due to time pressure. So we could use our whole creativity for this album. Furthermore our Label decided to release the Album at the end of 2012.

When you promote the band what has been the hardest thing in getting people to notice you and care about the band?
-The hardest part would be that people notice you and don´t forget you after the gig. It´s important to be special and to make music which is attractive for the audience.

You’ve named your album “Rock’N’Roll Accident”. Do you think that the title will keep some metal fans away from the album? What will these people miss out on?
-The title “Rock´n Roll Accident” is meant to reflect the lifestyle of the Rock´n Roll, not only the music style or nthe genre. As there are some songs who deal with this lifestlyle e.g. waking up in the morning having a hangover and don´t know what happened last night. We don´t think that metal fans won’t buy the cd as it is named “Rock´n Roll accident” as the real rock and metal fans know that many former metal bands are inspired by Rock´n Roll artists.

How important is the art work? Have the digital download affected the way a CD looks today?
-We think that the art work is very important. The cover should reflect the kind of music and the contents of the songs at we think the new cover conforms these requirements. We think that an interesting and extraordinary cover is more catching attention than a usual one.

How much humour do you put into the things you do? How important is it to not take yourself to serious?
-It´s always helpful not to be so serious at this business and to have fun with your band. This also reflects to the music and the performance on stage. So you should come definitely to a live show from DIRT- there´s a lot of beer, good music and fun-shouldn´t miss it.

What future will there be for Dirt?
Cocaine and bitches. Just kidding – we hope to become famous all over Europe and play lots
of gigs and starting a successful tour. Furthermore we hope that we can start in the beginning of 2013 writing new songs for the third Album.

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