DISAFFECTED from Portugal deserves to be noticed. They might be hidden on the outskirt of Europe but that is no excuse for not checking them out. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

You released your first album in 1995. Now in 2012 you release your second one. The obvious question is; does anybody remember you today?
-“Vast” was a very well rated album in 1995. In fact it is still regarded as a benchmark record in this music genre nowadays. As such, we believe that there are still many people that remember Disaffected and that will be very keen to check out “Rebirth”. Nevertheless, since between both albums stands a 17 year gap, there will be many people how never heard of us and won´t know what our music is about. For these we are newcomers. But that is fine with us. We know we have to work our way back and try to compensate for such a long hiatus.

What kind of feeling do you have on your debut album “Vast” from 1995? Does that even represent the band today?
-“Vast” is a tough record to catalogue – as “Rebirth” also is. Both records have a very complex and progressive approach. There are jazzy elements, industrial touches, dissonant arrangements and all sorts of weird stuff. Although 17 years separate both albums, there is definitely a link between the two. This is great because “Vast” survived the test of time: it still sounds modern today. As such, both “Vast” and “Rebirth” represent the band today.

How much has the social media meant to keep the band’s name alive? What way is the best way to use the social media?
-The internet was a massive help to keep Disaffected alive in some peoples memory. Without it we would probably had been thrown into oblivion. Thanks to youtube, myspace, facebook, and many others, our name and our music was kept alive. This also applies to some social media. Most underground media have always shown great interest in our band. That is great. We are very thankful to the opportunity they present us in getting our music across.

What made you want to reactivate the band in 2006? Why not just start anew with something new?
-In the lethargic years many people kept asking for a reunion. As soon as Sergio was fully recovered after his coma we decided to play a few shows and have fun. Things kept getting better and we thought, “why not reactivate the band full time again?” We felt that Disaffected deserved a second chance. In anyway, even if we did start something new, we would still be playing that singular sound that defines us, so it would just be Disaffected with another name…

I can’t say that my record collection contain that many Portuguese metal albums. Why is it that so few metal bands make it out of Portugal?
-Portugal has a lot of great bands. There has always been talented musicians and good ideas amongst us. The problem is that geographically we are a peripheral country. Any band from Central or Northern Europe will probably have little logistics to deal with when trying to organize a small tour or playing a couple of shows in a neighboring country. To us that is a real problem. Any other Capital City (apart from Madrid) is more than 1500 Kms away from us. To top this handicap, we are a small and impoverished country. With lower wages you have access to fewer instruments, less quality studios and less muscle to get yourself across. These are probably the main reasons yours and most peoples record collections have few Portuguese bands in them.

What is it that Moonspell has done right to make it big outside of Portugal? What can you learn from that in order to take your band to another level?
-Moonspell are very talented and worked hard to make it to the level where they are right now. They were lucky to catch the Century Media “goth” boom along with other great bands such as Tiamat, The Gathering, Samael, etc., but hard work was probably the main key to there deserved success. This is what anyone wanting to go anywhere has to learn. No hard work, no more levels!

Now that you are signed to Massacre does it feel like you are on the right track? What was it that made you sign with them?
-Yes. Indeed! Although we are very grateful to “Skyfall” (our first record label – who really did put up a great effort for us), Massacre Records is a whole different world. Massacre has an awesome artist roster and the capacity to help us get across a much larger audience. This is exactly what we needed and Massacre Records are doing an absolutely amazing job at this. We knew this would be the case so in spite of having other record deal proposals we immediately inked a deal with Massacre Records.

Your music is described as progressive death metal. What is the progressive part and what is the death metal part?
-The interpretation of any music is of course always subjective, but from our point of view the progressive part lies within all the different time signatures, the jazzy parts, the groovy bass lines, the tribal percussions, the dissonant riffs, the female vocal sections, the industrial vibes and the unexpected twists the music often takes. As for the death metal, it would be commonly associated to the double bass drums, growling vocals, heavy riffs and musical intensity.

When you are a part if a cover album like you were with your Slayer cover what kind of idea was there behind it and what did you get out of it?
-Disaffected were invited to feature on “Slatanic Slaughter II”, which was obviously a massive honor for us! Featuring on a record alongside all time giants like Cradle of Filth, Malevolent Creation, Sinister, Vader, etc. on a tribute to mighty legend Slayer (!!!) is simply amazing. Besides all the promotion our band got out of covering “Seasons in the Abyss”, we really had a lot of fun trying to put our own mark into a classic metal song.

What future plans do you have know that you have a new album out?
-We will be playing live to promote the record until October or November. After that we will sit down and start working on a follow up to “Rebirth”. We already have some ideas but we haven’t really settled in to explore them. First we must concentrate on our coming shows, some of them with great importance to us, like Vagos Open Air where we will get the chance to share the stage with Nasum, At The Gates, Arch Enemy, Over Kill, Coroner, Arcturus and many more. First the parties, then the hard work again!

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