DISEASE ILLUSION is a death metal band from Italy. Well worth checking out if you like you death with a bite to it. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

I know so very little about you guys that I need for you to introduce the band to me?
-Disease Illusion is an Italian Melodic Death Metal band, formed in 2008 by Dario (guitar), Federico (guitar), Fabio (vocals), Alex (drums) and Michele (bass guitar).We have released our first EP “Reality Behind The Illusion Of Life” in 2008, which was well rated by critics in various metal magazines and webzines (in particular it was TOP DEMO on Metalitalia and appeared on Metal Maniac and Metal Hammer IT ).
We had an intense live activity in these last years, playing all over northern Italy, in Switzerland and Slovenia, and sharing the stage with some of the most important international Metal and Hardcore bands (ABORTED, BLEEDING THROUGH, DYING FETUS, ORIGIN, BENEATH THE MASSACRE, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, MISERY SIGNALS, YOUR DEMISE, NEAERA, DREAMSHADE, BLEED FROM WITHIN, VISION DIVINE, SALT THE WOUND, THE NUMBER TWELVE LOOKS LIKE YOU, WARBRINGER, REVOCATION, The Modern Age Slavery, Slowmotion Apocalypse, Mainline, Infernal Poetry, Idols are Dead, Mothercare and many more) and in some of the most important festivals in Europe (Metalcamp 2009 and Thrash and Burn 2010). In summer 2010 we have recorded our first full length “Backworld”, composed of 10 tracks, recorded at Regrexion Studios by Michele Trasforini in Bologna and mixed and mastered by Simone Mularoni at Domination Studios (The Modern Age Slavery, Stigma, DGM, Empyrios) in San Marino. The artwork was made by Archetype design (Behemoth, The Faceless, Graveworm).
“Backworld” has been released worldwide in November 2011 via UltimHate Records.

?To my ears you have a Swedish melodeath touch only more aggressive. What is it that influences you to play the style of metal you play?
-Yes I think that the sound of our first album “Backworld” has a typical Melodic Death metal mood, with little influences from other genres like Gothic and Metalcore.
Our music is a mix of old and new, because we play a type of music that became famous in the second half of 90’s, but with have a really modern approach since we have also a great passion for modern metal.
We will always try to improve our sound adding more influences and experimenting new solutions.

How hard is it to be a band struggling to get noticed in today’s overkill of bands all over the place (internet)?
-That’s really hard to come out from the underground scene, because there are too many bands on the Internet, and you must have something really cool or original to be noticed by the audience. We do a lot of promotion on social networks and webzine, but the most important thing for us is to write good music: we think that if you concentrate yourself on the song writing and on a good live show, you will get a positive feedback.

How did you end up on a Belgian label? Does it really matter today what kind of label you are signed to when everybody seems to be downloading illegally?
-We managed to get in touch with Ultimhate some years ago here in Italy and last year we thought it was the right label for releasing “Backworld”. Lots of people download illegally but some still buy music, being signed with a label makes the difference for the second ones.

What kind of metal scene is there to speak of in Bologna? What kind of scene do we speak of in the whole of Italy?
-The Italian scene is still full of good bands even if from us we noticed a light decrease of the general interest about the metal, thing that we noticed also in Bologna (there’s no generational transfer!). Among other things i believe that the metal scene is in difficulty, as well as any other musical scenes, and this is due to the difficulty that the bands have in promoting and self-financing.

How hard is it to come up with songs that stand out and doesn’t sound like something that has been done before by others?
-It’s quite hard for every kind of band, but particularly for newcomer bands which tend to be boxed superficially, saying “they sound like that band” and nothing more.

What is it that you want to accomplish with the band? Do you have any greater goals for the band?
-The only goal that we have with the band is to write good music and to play more gigs possible all over the world! We know that’s really difficult to reach “success” playing metal music, so we don’t have any expectations about our “financial future” relating with music, and we concentrate ourselves only on integrity of the band and fun.

How important is it to a young band to get to play with bigger name bands? What can you learn from playing with bigger name bands?
-It’s important because you can broaden your curriculum, and you have the opportunity to get in touch with people that may help your band if they like it. The greatest lesson you can learn is: “it’s a long way to the top”.

What kind of Italian live scene is there for young bands to play and gain experience? How easy is it to set up a tour of Italy?
-Unfortunately in Italy there is not a real metal music scene. In last years fewer and fewer people are interested in this genre, they prefer the dj-set of commercial music in the clubs. We focus to the European public where our music is more appreciated.

What does the future bring for Disease Illusion?
-The first thing we have to do, are more videos. For the “One Last Breath” video clip we have received a positive feedback and we want to keep on this way of promotion. We are working on a new storyboard and the filming will start soon. We are also planning for a European mini-tour, we hope to do that!
In the meantime we are starting to compose the new album.

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