Can you name one single metal (not counting System Of A Down) band from Armenia. I couldn’t until I heard of DivahaR. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

I can’t seem to remember having heard a single metal band from Armenia. Are you guys the first to make it out of there?
-It’s normal that you haven’t heard of Armenian metal bands, cause Armenia is faraway and isolated from the biggest “metal-heart” countries, as well as the metal scene is quite small here.
However, I must say that this fact doesn’t prevent several people from creating metal bands, and Divahar isn’t the only one (it’s unique and first only as female band). There are other Armenian metal bands too, but they are really few.

What kind of hardrock/metal history/culture is there in your country?
-Indeed, formerly Armenia was considered to be one of the cultural centers of hardrock/metal in ex Soviet Union and our metal scene was influenced and developed via such notable bands as Asparez, Ayas, Vostan Hayoc, etc.

What is it about black metal that attracted you to it in the first place?
-It’s the philosophical concept that evokes new contradistinctions, which I think is one of the ways in prospects of truth.

What is black metal to you? How would you describe the meaning of it to you?
-I would have to put in a poor definition a bouquet of feelings and ideological, philosophical concepts to give a precise answer to this question, which I think is not right.

I’ve seen live footage of you. What kind of live scene are we talking about in Armenia?
-The metal scene is very compact and slight in Armenia, thus even in the most notable metalfests very few metalheads are participating. But in fact, there are still some devoted fans of metal music and due to their efforts the metal scene is still alive and metal fests are organized.

What kind of response do you get to you being a black metal band? Do people not in the know even react to it?
-It’s really hard to be a representative of black metal in Caucasus, as most people here are not only unversed of extreme metal, but even metal music itself. And as a result the reactions are very different and contradictional; some people hail us as creative individuals, others criticize.

What kind of power does the Church have in Armenia? Are people very religious and bothering?
-I’m so aside and far from religion and religious structures that I can’t give a certain answer to this question. I would only say, that Armenians are very persistent, solid people, able to “create bread out of stones” and this qualities are definitely inherited from our pre-christian roots.

If you were to record a record would it be possible to do it in Armenia and still achieve what you want? How easy is it to find the right kind of people to work with?
-Actually we are already doing recordings. Yes, there are some difficulties, cause people aware of Black metal are very few, as well as there is a lack of equipment for appropriate sound quality. Of course it’s always desirable to record a high quality album, but the main goal isn’t to realize it in the best sound, as being a Black metal fan I never pay too much attention to that. I guess, it’s because of the fact that I’ve grown up listening to the recordings of bands with really bad sound quality, but it doesn’t prevent me from listening to those genius albums again and again.

How much of a help is the social media in getting g the name of the band out to those that might be interested?
-We don’t have a real need of this kind of help from national media, as the scene is too small, as well as it doesn’t make any sense from the point of view of social medias in a country with such small quantity of bands. In contrast to this we feel the big importance of the help of international media as we get feedback from different people from all over the world that observed us via various websites or journals.

What ideal future would you like to see?
-Artist resembles to an eruptive volcano and is self-sufficient first of all due to creating the art he bears in his soul. And if our songs get their response in hearts of even small number of people, the rest of the consequences are inessential and very small for us.

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