DOROTA follow in the fine tradition of strong women fronting their own band, pretty much like Doro or Betsy bitch. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

I don’t have too many heavy metal/hardrock solo artists in my collection. What made you decided to go about using you own name and not a band name instead?
– To be honest, such was not my intention. At that time it was not easy to find a band, the right guys, and of course I never wanted to give up making music, so I decided to
go on by myself. I started to learn how to use programs like cubase and had luck to get in touch with people like Karen Stever and Frank Gryner (Rob Zombie producer). That opened doors for me into the music business.

What kind of background do you have as a metal musician? Where do you come from and what turned you on to metal in the first place?
– I think my first influence making that kind of music was my brother, when he got his first guitar “laugh”. He’s always been listening to music like slayer, nirvana, garbage etc,
I really loved that style of heavy guitars. That was the moment where i never wanted to stop making music *haha*. I originally come from Poland but live in Austria since my early childhood. So I don’t think that my love to metal has something to do with it, where i come from.

When you front a band how hard is it to find the right kind of people to work with? What do you expect from the people you work with?
– It’s extremly hard to find the right guys. i never thought that it would be such a problem to find people with the same goals, the same taste of music etc. So it’s a great PLUS if you already have a band that works. So that are points that I also expect from people that I work with. FUN, SAME TASTE and SAME GOAL.

How involved are you in the creative process? How involved do you allow the other musicians to be in the creative process?
– I’m pretty much involved. i create nearly everything by myself (lyrics, music, photoshop-art etc.). In my opinion it’s so important for an artist to show your creativity and not acting around. That’s why i’m against all the casting shows. If the others have creative ideas, they are always welcome.

When you write music and lyrics how much work is there in not repeating something that has already been done? How hard is it to come up with something that is somewhat original?
– That’s always diffrent. Sometimes it takes long, so I have to take a break for a moment. And sometimes it feels like your hand would write by itself, really fast. The easiest way to write lyrics was, when you had a situation that really touched you. That’s the way i work and the reason why my stories never repeat. (laugh).

How satisfying is it to see a final product, something that you’ve slaved over for months finally being ready? What kind of feelings do you have right now?
– Oh that a feeling that you can’t describe. You feel like tons of weight would fall of your shoulders. Like sex, Christmas, birthday and Easter together.

What kind of pressure does it bring to you being the front figure, the one that gets blamed if everything turns out pear shaped?
– Oh, I love it and I never could imagine anything else. And if you have fear of getting blamed, than you have the wrong job. You should change your profession.

How do you as front figure avoid being totally exploited? What kind of saying do you have in the way you are portrayed?
– You have to be a strong personallity not a yes-person. You just have to have clear limitations in that business.

What does having a record label for support that is relatively close by and speak the same language?
-My record label right now is really great. They support all my imaginations. Me and my lable really speak the same language and have the same goals.

What goodies does 2012 hold for you?
-Right now I’m really excited to bring out my album physically on March 23rd. We are also busy with my first video. That will be a little splatter-clip. Everything else will be a surprise

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