I’ve lived next door to Denmark all my life. If I wanted to see metal bands in the 80s Copenhagen was pretty much the only place to go. So I have a special relation to Danish hardrock/metal but never did I think I would hear a band like DOUBLESTONE. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

When I heard you the first time it seemed like what you do was that most natural Danish thing there ever been. How did you end up with the sound you have?
-Thanks .. We have recorded the tracks live on 1” tape, on an old Tascam reel-to-reel, from the 70s. That make a huge impact on the sound. Furthermore, our instruments and equipment are classic and vintage gear. We all have backgrounds in music with more distortion and effects, but are trying to roll back on the gain knob, and simplify the sound, to focus more on tone, melodies and the dynamics in the gear itself.

What makes a Danish band want to play stoner rock? That too me is as odd as a Swedish grunge band was in the 90s?
-That’s kind of funny, because we actually started as a grunge band, but quickly moved on. Stoner seemed as the natural step for us. We come from very different music styles and stoner kinda sums ‘em all up. Stoner isn’t that big in Denmark, but its growing. And I think it just fits our personalities.
We’re all born and raised in the countryside, and the feeling in stoner music fits perfectly to the state of mind you have, when you are growing up in these settings, with open plains and stormy weather. Besides that, we grew up with bands like Nirvana, Melvins, Soundgarden, etc.

Are there a Danish rock tradition from the 70s that you can draw from? I get the impression that back in the days it was mostly jazzy artsy fartsy rock that was played at the night clubs?
-Denmark had a great psychedelic rock scene in the late 60’s and throughout the 70’s, including Beefeaters, Young Flowers, Steppeulvene and Burnin’ Red Ivanhoe. These bands are iconic and grounded in the danish culture, and eventhough you might not hear it at first, there are definately places and elements in our music, that will lead you in that direction.

How much do you draw inspiration from modern hardrock? Do you draw the line around a certain year?
-When we made the EP, we were very inspired by the Swedish scene, Graveyard, Witchcraft, Horisont, etc., but also the old scene from way back, and the current US scene. There is a lot of great bands out there, but in our opinion, nothing beats Black Sabbath. There’s no real limitations, genres nor year, to our inspirations and in the songwriting. We have a pretty clear idea of where we want to be, but we are constantly evolving. That’s why we won’t limit ourselves, we want to be able to do what we want, when we want it. This is actually our thoughts about alot of things surrounding what we do as a band. That being said, the sound on this EP was heavily inspired by Witch and Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats.

I like the fact that your record is out on vinyl. What is your opinion on this whole digital thing?
-Digital music should be free, it’s impossible for anyone, to control our collective consciousness. The internet is the purest form of mouth-to-mouth, and should be used as such. The internet gives you a lot of opportunities, but people are just lacking to see the benefits, instead of the disadvantages. Free music IS reality, whether you like it or not. The question is, how will you react to it? We agreed, right from the beginning, that the digital version of our EP should be free and available as many places as possible. If people don’t like it, they will delete it. If they like it, they will keep it, and maybe buy the superior product, the vinyl. Under any circumstances, more people are listening to our music now, than if we didn’t give it away for free. We strongly encourage everyone to share our free MP3’s with everyone they know! They are always available at (We would like you to make sure (in a footnote or something like that), that people know that bandcamp only supports 200 free downloads per month. If they try to download our music there, and get a payment promt, they should just download the files directly from our website. We just like to use Bandcamp, because of the possibility for HQ streaming).

What kind of reactions have you had to your latest record?
-We have received very good feedback from all around the world. Various blogs have featured our music, but we also got a lot of praise from people who have bought the record that we have met and talked to. We can definitely feel our fan base growing, especially outside Denmark.

When you play the kind of music that you do what kind of scene is there for it? What kind of reactions do you get from fellow Danes?
-The scene is growing in Denmark, but Copenhagen is the forerunner, and we see a lot of activity on venues and festivals, focusing on rock, both modern, and in the more classic form. That being said, our target is not only Denmark. We have some goals to fulfill in the near future, i.e. getting to experience some touring in other countries than Denmark. We don’t want to be the band that tours Denmark only, for some years, and then stop playing. We want to take it further than either of us have ever been with previous bands.

How important is presentation? Does it matter how a record looks as long as the music is great?
-Presentation, if done right and in sync with the music, can guide the right listener towards your record. Especially vinyl aficionados who love to dig trough crates. This is where you need to grab the right attention, with the right audience. Regarding our artwork, we think, that if you listen to our music, some of the associations you get, is in key with how the record looks and feels. We got a lot of credit for the artwork, done by our very talented friend Johan August Christiansen.

What kind of live scene is there for your kind of music?
-We see more of the bigger bands from overseas, coming to Copenhagen. This is a clear indicator that the scene is growing in Denmark, and that our timing might be just right. We have been lucky enough to land support gigs for Endless Boogie, Sabbath Assembly and Pilgrim this spring.

What are the plans for the future?
-This spring we will play a lot of gigs, try out some new tracks live, and hopefully record our first full length. In the fall, our focus is on touring outside Denmark, so if you want to see us in Sweden, give us a heads-up!”

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