DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN are on their second album now. If you like your metal injected with death then this is the band to check out. ©2015 Anders Ekdahl

You have a second album to promote if I haven’t slept through it all. How different is it to release an album when you have expectations on you? For the first one nobody knew what to expect. This time you have fans.
-I’ve never thought about any “expectations” and I very much doubt Rogga and Dennis have either. Personally, I just continue to write what feels correct for that moment in time – whether it is a debut album or not. For example, at the same time we were writing and recording the new DATDM album, Rogga and I were also writing the debut album for our band ECHELON (which is titled “Indulgence Over Abstinence Behind The Obsidian Veil” and out now!) Even though it was written around the same period there is no overspill of sound or style – with the exception of my vocals I would suggest. This shows we know barriers and boundaries and where one project starts and another ends. So far, the responses to “Exterminate! Annihilate! Destroy!” have all been incredibly positive.

How much harder is it to come up with new songs that excel the old ones?
-As you say that they excel, then I take it you are pleased with the result – as are we! Once more, it’s just us writing and making music. There’s no goal involved…no point we wish to find ourselves at by the end of the writing process. The style of music we play isn’t Quantum Physics so it shouldn’t really be a problem for anyone to write something catchy and constructive. If they can’t then they aren’t going to go very far, in my opinion. In conclusion, it isn’t hard for us to write. It’s a most enjoyable process all round.

Do you feel that there is an endless source to pick from when it comes to lyrics? I for one would have a harder time not repeating myself lyrically than musically.
-If you Google the song titles on the album you’ll see exactly where my sources are, for the most, and right there is a multitude of ideas available. So, at least for DATDM, we have the lyrical content covered. I really like to read a lot of fiction – horror and Sci Fi – so I can always take influence lyrically from that, as I have done so in the past. Other projects of mine use different subject matter. Additionally, with the advent of the internet and it’s expansion in the 21st Century there really IS a limitless source of subjects to choose from. Repeating oneself within lyrics is an easy mistake – even from album to album. A person just has to be vigilant about it to the best of their ability. Sometimes some will slip through, but at least it’s only yourself you are copying!

Do you think much about how your album art work has to be better than the previous one? How do you pick art work?
-Both the DATDM album covers (and the 7” split single) were created by Turkka Rantanen. We gave him a basic idea of what we wanted, and the particular release title, and told him to roll with it himself. He would be in contact with myself and Rogga during the process so we could tweak the artwork here and there, but it really is 99% from his twisted mind. We’re more than pleased with his style and I wish to continue working with him on future DATDM releases.

Do you feel you get the respect you deserve? From both metalheads bur also colleagues?
-If people like our music when they listen to it then that is fine. If they tell us how much they like it then it is a bonus. It’s when they dislike it but then take time to come tell us HOW much they dislike it that makes me scratch my head. When I hear something I dislike I just switch it off and don’t bother with it any more. As for respect, the majority of metal heads know the meaning of the word. It’s actually colleagues and peers in the music business that don’t, but I really don’t give a fuck what those types think about my music, nor I theirs. I never have. My real friends get my support.

When I got into metal in 82 everything and all was British? Then it died. But does it feel that you carry that torch or do you feel that you are more of an European band?
-Having lived in Denmark for almost 18 years I do feel more European that just British (I do still have a British passport though!) I really don’t think it died whatsoever. If anything it returned underground – and that wasn’t until the early days of the 21st century! Died? Hell no, I can list over 100 bands I’m into. If that’s death then just what is the scene doing these days?? I see a strong resurgence of bands from the past nowadays, which makes me feel all nostalgic. And a tad old.

What kind of image do you want people to get of the band?
-As I said before, I don’t particularly care for that kind of thing. People generally tend to make up their own mind anyway. If they like the music when they hear it, then I hope they support the band. It’s as simple as that. We’ve stated what our style is, and if anyone wishes to add something else to it in their own mind then so be it. There’s no costumes or make up on our agenda. In fact, we don’t even have a fucking agenda.
8. How much touring do you guys do and what does touring give to you as a band?
At the moment: none. For the foreseeable future (late autumn/winter): none. BUT, we hope to be able to play some shows in Spring and Summer next year. We were going to last year but due to my wife being diagnosed with cancer we had to postpone all plans for that. Now she has been given the all clear – so far, at least – we shall begin the process. We’ve more than enough material now. So, any bands touring? Get in touch!

We live in volatile times now. How much do you think about that when you go on tour? Can you even think about it?
-I don’t. If a person did that, then they’d also spend the rest of their lives worrying if they’d get hit crossing the road, or in a train/plane crash, or choking on food in a restaurant, or falling down a flight of stairs, or having a brain aneurism, or treading on a LEGO brick and falling over and cracking their head open on a table…..why bother spending your time worrying? Just get out there and live. We only have one life and it’s too short as it is.

What awaits you in the future?
-My immediate future? That’s a little grocery shopping, walking my dogs, then going home for a little nap. If you mean much further than that, and for DATDM, then it will be writing more material (not just for DATDM either!) and recording a great deal. I also make a weekly show called Metal Breakfast Radio, as well as being a family man and having a career here in Copenhagen. Life is good, life is busy, and life is full of multiple offers of constructing music. It’s fucking awesome.
Final words: R.I.P Martin “Kiddie” Kearns.

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