Anybody with a serious interest in death metal should know the name Dave Ingram. Back with DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN it was time to interview the man. Anders Ekdahl ©2014

What was it that made you want to do this band?
-Nothing particularly ‘made’ me want to do it, besides the fact that it was an inner desire to start making music again. I’ve been doing internet radio for some years, playing other bands music, so getting back to making my own was important to me. It’ll be good to get out and tread the boards again.

How close are crust punk and death metal in sound? Why does the mix of punk and death metal work so well?
-It always has worked in unison, it can be heard throughout the long history of the genre. The power and aggression of the one compliments the other perfectly, and returns it. There are differences as well as similarities, but these aren’t derogative ones. Merging the two styles is a winning combination.

How well does the outcome of the album match your intentions when you went into the studio?*
-In truth, it has turned out perfectly for me. It’s the exact sound i was hoping for. The song structures were what I was aiming for with Rogga and Dennis, and they fully understood the concept I put to them.

When you work in the studio what kind of process do you go through? Do you come in all prepared or do you improvise?
-Prepared improvisation. That’s the best way to describe it. While we have yet to perform or rehearse together, we know what we are going to do BUT we may add to it along the way. If it works, then it stays…if not then it is left alone. Simple and logical.

What part would you like the producer to have? How important in is the producer?
-As long as the producer in competent with his skills then it really doesn’t matter. He will also need to hear what we ask of him and not have his own agenda. The band’s wishes come first.

How much does the climate you live (economical/political) influence you as a band?
-It doesn’t. My mind is my own. There’s no outside influences, politically.

What would you say is a great album cover? What does it have to contain for it to be great? I love the really big, colourful ones from the LP days. The ones you could sit for hours looking at discovering new details.
-Yes, I liked those days too. I’m really into Dan Seagrave (he did the cover art for “Transcend The Rubicon”) and I also like Derek Riggs’ material, especially the Iron Maiden album cover for “Powerslave” – there’s a lot of things to look for there! These days I find keeping it simple works well. Especially with the Down Among The Dead Men song concepts…short, in and out slices of musical brutality. The art has to fit in with the simplistic style and still be eye-catching. Turkka (the artist) did a magnificent job.

Is art work and lay out still as important when more and more people download legally music to their phones or ipads/computers?
-It depends on the person. For myself, I’m not too bothered with art, as the majority of my music is bought on iTunes/Amazon as downloads. If I want to look at the cover I will search for it and if it’s really good then I may download it. It’s a big deal for some, but not for me.

What are your feelings on this development of digital replacing physical?
I’m all for it. If I were to have all my digital music on CD or vinyl then I would need a whole other room for it in my apartment! Having it digitally means I can take it everywhere with me in an easy way.

Is there a future?
-For the band? Yes. We’re already writing new material and are (slowly) making plans to play shows.
Is there a future for the planet? Well let me pop into my Tardis and have a look.
*Vwoorps off* *Vwoorps back*
Yes, there’s a future. But it’s what YOU make of it.

My thanks to you for the interview! Here’s a few links of interest for people, with a couple of “free download” links to projects I made in the last 8 years. Enjoy!
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Current 5 favourite albums:
Bolt Thrower – Those Once Loyal
Paganizer – On A Gurney To Hell
Bonesaw – Sawtopsy
Dehydrated Goat – Perversion of Stablings
Queens of the Stone Age – Era Vulgaris

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