Do you like your death metal dirty and raw, free of any sort of melody and other fancy pansy shit. Then read this DRAG THE DEAD interview with Antonio Andre. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Is Saint Louis, MO a great place to be a metal band?
-It’s ok. Of course, it could be much better but it gives the local Metalheads just enough to keep them from revolting. When I was in Timeghoul in the mid 90s, the Metal scene in St. Louis, MO was incredibly fun. Back then, local shows were packed and most Metal national tours would stop here. Now, it’s been almost a 50% decline since then. The real Metalheads still keep it all alive because that’s just what we do, who we are and what we love til the end.

When reading your song titles I for one start thinking Cannibal Corpse or even Anal Cunt. How ironic are they?
-In my immediate mind of lyrics, I also thought of our to be in the Cannibal Corpse vein. I’m not quite sure what specific lyrical inspirations Donny channelled when writing but his style seems very unique and gruesome more so than Cannibal Corpse. I really love our over the top brutal lyrical content. In the future, we will lyrically explore more deeply into the mental chasms of the killer. You will see a killer’s reasoning. It will definitely be worth checking out.

Have the song titles ever gotten you into any sort of trouble?
-So far, no. I could only hope (LOL). You never know what people are thinking or what media onslought they are preparing to rip you to shreds. The lyrics are very vulgar and offensive to most of the world’s population, which is exactly what we were going for. If our lyrical content gets us into trouble that’s all the better. In my opinion, It’s all good publicity for the machine that is Drag The Dead to continue its deadly movement forward.

Do you feel that there is less tolerance today as people are getting more and more “enlightened”?
-Less tolerance against violent content? Enlightened to a more violent world? I’ll answer both ways to attempt to answer your question correctly. I do think there is alot less tolerance against violence then there use to be. With the gang violence that surged in the 90s, everyone was angry and thinking about killing. Throughout those days, it seemed like there was a worldwide natural human psyche brainwashing almost like the body’s natural “fight or flight” response to extreme negative stimulous. Everyone had a constant adrenaline rush waiting to burst through their mind’s door to fight and kill. These days it definitely feels like everyone has become enlightened to the world’s violence therefore making them very jaded to everyday violence on TV and/or in their neighborhoods. People are not so effected by violence like before; They’re not so quick to react. Most people don’t act incredibly shocked at Drag The Dead’s brutal content because they are use to watching years of violence on the news and horror movies in the theater. At the same time though, it depends on whose face you shove a Drag The Dead CD. Your grandmother probably won’t appreciate it.

How far can you take your thing before people start to kick back? What kind of reactions have you had to it so far?
-As far as how far we can take DTD until people start to battle us over our content, it’s very uncertain who our material will come across. It depends who feels like stepping onto their soapbox or whose child enjoys DTD’s content.
Actually, we’ve had no negative reactions. Seems somewhat like a media failure if you ask me. I guess we are going to have to try harder on this next release.

Death metal is not just one style. What was it that made you want to play the death metal that you play?
-When we started we just wanted to create a very solid, old school Death Metal based brutal band with musical technicalities growing per release. As far as the lyrical content we have created, I told Donny to always think in the mind of a serial killer when writing for DTD and as you can see, Donny ran with it, executed his job in a beautifully elegant and monstrous manner which actually left him drained. A job very well done in my opinion. Donny is a true Death Metal expert.

What is the American death metal scene like today? Do you feel that you are a part of it and that you contribute to it?
-With the advent of the internet, the American Death Metal scene is growing like an unstoppable weed on steroid laced fertilizer. There was a time for years when it seemed so dead but the current DM surge is awesome. I am very proud of how it has grown. As a formed, functioning, creating DM band, I think we are most definitely contributing to the DM world even if it was just in our little corner of the world. A contribution to the arts I think is still very much appreciated to whoever loves the art you craft in whatever genre.

Is touring still a viable way of promoting and building a band?
-Seems like touring is still the most important way for a DM band to get the correct exposure that is needed. DM fans love seeing DM musicians perform what they’ve been listening to for so long after the album’s release. Metal fans in general love to buy the merch as well. They love to participate in the scene. In order for bands to give Metal fans what they want, I think tour is necessary. We personally haven’t had the easiet time touring due to time and money. We are still working at it though.

How do you promote a band the best possible way today? Is it all social media nowadays?
-These days, there is alot of social media promotion going on (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube). It’s just the smart way to do things. When you’re promoting anything, you must go where your fans/customers are. We also promote via the old school ways like posters and flyers at local record stores and concert venues.

What future do you when you look into the crystal ball?
-Not quite sure actually. We are all surrounded by uncertainty everyday. As long as DTD has the opportunity to exist and create music, we will continue to bring you the deadly, serial killer Death Metal that fans love. I’ve always personally been in the world of music since I was 10 years old. If I can continue to create or produce music, I will til I have no breath left in my body.


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