DREADLINK is a new German thrash experience. I’ve had some of my greatest thrash bashes coming from German bands. It’s great to see that the tradition is being carried on. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

What kind of philosophy is DREADLINK then?
-Well, it became a philosophy to us through time. Our music and especially our lyrics describe what we feel and think about this world and our society. DREADLINK helps us to get along with all of that.

When music is described as highly original I often take heed. What is it that is so highly original about your music?
-The fact that we try to give every song its own soul. That’s something that doesn’t happen too often in modern metal, we believe. To us it’s the whole song that counts, not how fast it is or how hard it is to play. It simply has to be recognizable, well rounded and meaningful to us. Usually we write a song, catch its atmosphere and start writing lyrics that fit somehow – talking about “ZERO ONE” we’ve found out that even though our lyrics deal with a variety of topics they all revolve around the same thing…

Germany has always had a great thrash metal scene. How much of the wind of history do you feel when you create your music?
-Nothing. Not the slightest breeze. Sorry. Sure, a lot of great metal bands come from Germany, but I don’t think they have a lot of influence on our music.

How do you go about creating a groove? What is it that is necessary for the groove to be there?
-That’s easy. If someone of us comes up with a new riff and we start to play along and it doesn’t tear down the walls of our rehearsal room – we forget about it.

When do you know that you’ve written a great song? Do you test it out?
-We make a recording of every new song to give ourselves an impression of it. After that we optimize the song which can take quite some time. If we don’t think that a song is great we won’t perform it in public.

”ZERO ONE” is a concept. What is the basic of this concept?
-As stated before, while writing the lyrics for “ZERO ONE” we found out that our thoughts revolve pretty much around the same thing -humanity and its countless errors. To keep it short, zero one tells ten stories taken out of our lives cynically describing how humanity ruins everything – including itself.

Germany is often described as a dull and gray place, very methodical and mechanical. What is the truth really? How dull a place is Germany really?
-Germany is a beautiful and exciting place! But just like everywhere else it’s the people that suck!

How bad is globalization really? Would mankind benefit more from near produced products? What has greed done to the World?
-Globalization is a human made system. Who really expected it to be fair, controllable and harmless? It’s a perfect example to show that whatever we do is based on greed. No matter if a product comes all the way from China or was produced next door, we’ll find a way to make it as beneficial to us as possible – and mess something up with it.

Has man become too selfish for his/her own good? How do we rectify it?
Yes. We are too selfish. And we’ve been like that for centuries – it seems to be in our nature. In the first song of the album “soulburn industries” ist says: “We’ve reached a point – a point of no return”. Got it?

What future will there be, both for mankind as well as for Dreadlink?
-We don’t know of course but it doesn’t look too good for our species at the moment. Mankind seems to be in the process of exterminating itself. Not today, not tomorrow but in a couple of centuries. That leaves DREADLINK enough time to play some more gigs in the next few years before we start producing our second album – at least that’s the plan.

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