DREAMING DEAD made me think of bands that I had not thought of for a long time. That together with their great death metal-ish songs made it for me. I knew that I had to know more about them. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

The first thing I came to think of when I saw your band name was Unanimated’s album “In The Forest Of The Dreaming Dead” but I guess that your band name has more to do with literature? At least that is the feeling I get.
-Dreaming Dead comes directly from H.P. Lovecraft literature. I’m almost positive the idea spawned from The Call of Cthulhu, which in itself is ironic, as one of my major influences is Metallica. At the time (2006) the band was named Manslaughter and I decided it was time to rename ourselves. Without any prejudice I picked up several books and read quickly through them, searching for the first set of words that would stand out to me. After reading “In his house at R’lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming” I knew I found our new name.

When you write music what is it that drives you to the style that you end up with? What kind of influences do you draw from?
-In the past my main influence was thrash and death metal, but after writing this album I realized most of influences come the current state of mind I’m in when sitting down to compose. I tend to emphasize on adding technically challenging riffs, too, but sometimes that idea gets old. I usually don’t approach a new song with any kind of preconceived idea. I feel that takes the magic away, and when that happens I put my guitar down and try something new the next day.

To me Death was a very influential band. What kind of impact did latter day Death have on the music of Dreaming Dead? Or are your rots more in the technical wizardry of Cryptopsy and its ilk? Perhaps Opeth has played a part in shaping your sound?
Absolutely none. Lots of folks think I’m a big Death fan, and although I have the utmost respect for the band and the musicians, their music has no influence in my writing. On the other hand Opeth and Crystopsy certainly do. “None so Vile2 was the first death metal album I ever heard.

Why is it that guitar solos seem to have become an abomination in metal? To me guitar solos is pretty much what metal is all about, if you get my drift?
-I think it all depends on what the song calls for. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. I personally love adding leads or heavily melodic sections in my songs, but only when it’s appropriate.

When you are in the studio recording when does it become time to put your foot down and say that this is it? When do you feel that you’ve accomplished the best you can?
I’m really hard with myself when tracking material in the studio. I can literally spend days trying to track the perfect take and fortunately enough, to this date, I haven’t had the need to deal with any kind of deadline or studio budget (since I’ve engineered and recorded myself at my home studio, on both albums). I just take my sweet time.

I’m thinking of the new album’s title and wondering how hard it was to come up with the title “Midnightmares”? What kind of connotations does that title carries with it?
-“Midnightmares”, the album, is a celebration of just that: nightmares. Ones that we experience in our lives. Nightmares of pain, betrayal, heart break and hate. I did not come up with the name, it came to me.

How important is it as a band to have some sort of statement about what and who you are? What does Dreaming Dead represent to you?
-It’s a representation of my life, everything I want to be and cannot be, it speaks thoughts I would never dare turn into actions, it’s the continuous sorrow that haunts me night and day. Dreaming Dead is a statement to myself, in a world that only exists in my mind, where the battle between good and evil is perpetuated by the dream of reality.
It’s where I exist and dominate. A place where I choose to return time and time again.

When you invest all of your time, most of your money and any social life in band what is it that you like to get in return? Is it worth it all?
-When you envision and manifest your dreams and passions the way I have, there is no investment made in vain. Regardless of the outcome, all is done and shared out of love.

What will 2012 bring to Dreaming Dead? Any particular wishes you’d like to see fulfilled?
-2012 will bring many schemes I’ve planned for a very long time… Cheers!

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