Thailand might be seen as first and foremost as a tourist Mecca but DREAMS OF MAD CHILDREN are about to change that. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

From what I’ve gathered there is quite a large Thai death metal scene. What is it that attracted you to death metal?
-Thai death metal scene is not big at all. What is big around here is K-Pop, J-Pop, Thai Pop, other pops, which to us we find awful. The sounds of Death Metal attracted us, we happen to naturally love heavy and aggressive music. We also think the sound of the music goes well with the ideas we tend to develop, such as anti-corruption, not believing in Gods, and many aspects of religions, survival in this cruel world, etc.

When you live in a country mostly known for its tourism how do you survive as a metal band?
-We don’t think tourism here has much to do with metal bands here. We don’t find many “tourists” in shows around here, mostly Thai metal fans. We do have some foreigners c oming but very few, and most of them live in the country. We think most people just learn from the internet and that’s how everything becomes better known. However, the reason we are still surviving is because we all have other jobs too. The singer of our band (me who’s typing), is one of the known promoters here in Bangkok, bringing metal bands into the country for show from all around the world, and he mainly funds the band. That’s the main aspect that keeps us going, producing CDs, T-Shirts, keeping up the name, etc. Other than that all the musicians are also putting money as best they can.

What is that influences you to play ultra brutal death metal?
-We hate the society in this country. Thailand is full of shit, stupid people, and selfish people, yet it’s still our home. We enjoy expressing our ideas in our own ways, about how rich people here take everything from the society mostly through unfair laws and corruption. Poor people do it all for money, never in believing in and values of dignity. People in the country are materialistic, and sees status as something far too important for it’s own good. It’s like living in a society with people worse than rats, and backstabbers, but there are still good people around.

I know very little about Thailand as a country. Do you get to play live a lot? What kind of a live scene is there?
-We do get to play live often. The scene here maybe small, but we are really die hard fans. We got a lot of small promoters who would hold shows in certain areas of the country, and it would be quite easy for bands to play. Big shows, with big bands from overseas however, don’t happen so often for Thai bands to play with.

How much do the Thai death/metal bands cooperate? How much of a DIY scene is the Thai metal scene?
-We tend to help each other out a lot. The scene here is mostly DIY, bands investing in themselves, no label, no sponsors. If we are not Pop, it is hard.

What is the general population’s reaction to something that sounds like your music? Does the national music press get it all?
-The population’s reaction don’t really like it for sure. They think it’s low-class music, fuck them. We don’t divide people into classes. The national music doesn’t seem to care at all.

How do you as a Thai band take your music to the rest of the world? What kind of labels are there in Thailand that can get your music out to the rest of us?
-The internet is probably the best tool. There are no labels that will ‘us’ to rest of the world, unless we invest ourselves.

How important are the lyrics to you guys? What kind of topics do you touch upon?
-Very important, the lyrics influence th e way we play and the sounds we produce a lot, it’s all about the emotions and cooperation with the physical works to the instruments. The topics are mostly society cursing, anti-corruption, violence, aggression, etc.

What is that you want to achieve with the band? How much of a break from everyday life is the band?
-We just want to be able to do what we like. Having fun at live shows seeing people enjoy metal. We contribute a lot to our band, everyday, a little bit in a day maybe.

What kind of plans do have for the band?
-We’re just gonna keep going until everything falls apart. We have only been to Malaysia as a foreign country to play. We want to travel the world, Australia, American, Europe, etc, to play. That is the plan.

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