You might not know of DUSKMACHINE yet but keep your ear to the ground and you will. In the meantime read this interview. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

-Founding DuskMachine in summer 2004, original members Nikolai Wurk (guitar), Randy Black (drums), Peter Habura (bass) and Hagen Hirschmann (vocals) didn’t waste any time putting together song-material and a concept-idea for their debut album “The Final Fall”, which hit the stores in late 2005 to very good reviews.
Then, during the recordings for the next album – Russ Bergquist had become the new bass player – destiny struck again when new vocalist Mirko Preach decided to concentrate more on his other projects and left. But where others would give up, the band didn’t waste time and contacted myself (Joe Comeau Liege Lord, ex-Overkill, ex-Annihilator), and asked me to take over vocal duties. After listening to the new material, I immediately agreed to join and we began our work!In late 2012, we inked a Worldwide deal with Massacre Records, one of the most important independent labels for heavy music from the past 20 years. Our new CD has been just released in July 2013, and we are ready to pound the metal world with our second self-titled album!

You are now on your second album. Did the reactions of the first album meet your expectations?
-I think the cd set the groundwork for the current line up. The album was well received, but the lineup changes didn’t help to solidify anything. It’s now time for this string lineup of friends to forge ahead!

When you have a CV that is quite impressive how much tougher is it to get people to stay with you once they’ve heard the music and thought it didn’t live up to your past?
-Hahahaha! Well, we don’t need to worry about that because in our opinion this CD is light years ahead of anything else we have done.

How hard is it to come up with songs that you didn’t do on the first one for a second album?
-It’s a natural progression…sometimes it can be hard not to repeat yourself, but it’s very early in our writing career for this lineup and we’ve got WAY more to say!

When you pretty much start over again with a new band how tough is it to come up with a sound that is all your own?
-We didn’t set out to do that. We just know our instruments, what our strengths and weaknesses are and we just went ahead with it. We just went ahead and wrote what felt natural. The sound came about on it’s own.

When you place the first album alongside the second what is the greatest difference?
-The vocals. The lineup. Also that the new album is a collection of songs while the first cd is a concept album.

We all hear about the state that the record industry is in, the decline of record sales and how illegal downloading is killing the music business. But how bad is it really? What can be done to save it?
-I don’t know. It’s pretty bad. But if you love what you do and don’t do it for the money, then you’ll always have something you’re proud that you created. The money may follow. And the positive thought is that people will always want to see bands live and playing live is an amazing way to express your music with other people. Many bands now rely on merchandise to help support their finances.

With people downloading (legally) more music these days how important is the presentation of the album nowadays? What part does art work play in selling an album today?
-I think it’s all a big part. Why just put 100% into your music only? I feel that bands should put pride into the packaging and art as much as they can afford. It’s all important.

How hands on are you when it comes to stuff like lay out and art work? How important is it to you that everything is done the way you like it?
-We are very fussy and have a role in everything we do!

What plans do you have for the future?
-To keep writing and get out there live playing shows! See you soon!
Thanks for all your interest…please check us out at www.duskmachine.com and www.facebook.com/duskmachine

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