Great metal never gets old. Dutch EAR DANGER are proof of that. Read the interview I did with Matt to find out more about this band. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Why is it that so very few seem to have heard of the band? Did you not do it right the first time around?
-It’s hard to say if we made mistakes or not. In retrospect, you may say that we should have focused more on releasing an album rather than stuffing our weekends with as many gigs as we could get, but hey, what did we know? We were playing our favourite music, having tons of fun and free drinks every show, so can’t really say there are any regrets.

When you have a history that dates back almost 30 years yet only seem to be in the starting grid how much of a stand still does it feel like?
-When you’re almost 50, any standstill in time is welcome, hahaha. I do not quite agree about the starting grid, we have been very surprised about the amount of people that still knew Ear Danger and welcomed our return. On the other hand, what can you expect when your band as around for barely 3 years in the early 80’s ? You hay say that we were able to continue where we left off….. in a completely different time set, that is.

Why did you want to give it a go again? What will you do differently this time around?
-That was the thing of “unfinished business”. Like: playing in a band with a steady line-up. That;s one thing we achieved and thank God for that. And, we started recording an album in 1984 and never managed to complete the recordings. But, last year we recorded § Full BLast At Last`, an album title not randomly chosen.

When you come from Holland with all the great bands that have come from there with Golden Earring, Vengeance, Picture and so on does that bring with it a desire to prove yourself as equally great?
-Not really, no. Golden Earring is a completely different ball game, but as compared to Picture and Vengeance, they have always been more mainstream metal whereas as we have sought the darker corners of NWOBHM which implies that we will probably not get as big as aforementioned bands. But then again, Holocaust never had the exposure Iron Maiden had, and that´s just the way it is….

How vital does the old stuff feel today and how much have you had to re-arrange it to fit in with today’s heavy metal scene? How well does Ear Danger fit into the scene today?
-The old stuff feels extremely vital. Both the album track listing as our set list are composed of old, newer and brand new material and it blends in one hundred per cent. We have however update the older material in the sense that it is being played in a much more rhythmic was, Especially as far as the guitars are concerned. In Holland, we feel that we fit in well in the metal scene. We are a band that has stayed true to the NWOBHM style. That will not change. Do not expect a style break, it will be exactly as you would expect Ear Danger to sound.

When you started what where did you find your inspiration? How much of that still affects the way that the band sounds like?
-When I started wring for Ear Danger. I already listened to a lot of NWOBHM bands, such as Holocaust, Bitches Sin, Raven, Angelwitch etc. Later I also grew fond of especially Canadian bands, Anvil and Exciter in the first place and Cauldron.

The Dutch metal scene seem to be more about the extreme end of things, How do Ear Danger fit into it today? Really ?
-Actually, I don’t mind where bands come from but not really into extreme metal. So, I wouldn’t know. I sometimes listen to Hail of Bullets, which is rather extreme and Izegrim has surprised me, but really, extreme metal is not my cup of tea

Over the last decade or so heavy metal has gone through somewhat of a revival. How do you notice that there is a renewed interest for heavy metal?
-Much to my surprise, we seen many young fans at our shows. They dress the way we did 30 years back, buy VINYL and are really into he “old”bands

Will we see a new album from you guys? What can those that remember you expect from the new stuff?
-HELL YEAH ~! This is what is going to happen: Our VINYL release is almost sold out. Record Heaven in Sweden still has a couple of copies though. But the album will be released on CD by Emanes Records in France. In the meantime we have already started writing new material for a second album. Which will be the same style as “Full Blast At Last” Do not expect anything else than our own style

What kind of future is there for Ear Danger?
-I don’t know….. with the CD release we may be able to play a couple of bigger festivals. Because in the end, it’s not about album sales or anything, it’s about playing your huts out on any stage that you can play on !

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