I came upon the name EDENIAL when I was searching for bands to interview. As I knew nothing about them but still found them intriguing I had to interview them Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Is the band name made up of the two words Eden and denial and in that a comment on the Christian “stick your head in the sand mentality that everything will sort itself out if you have faith” attitude??
-Yes the name is made up from those words but is has nothing to do with religion of any kind. Stick your head in the sand mentality that you mention however, is a common practice these days. People not doing what they should and speak up, being abused by authority of any kind, wronged by the media. Things are changing – like the manifestations all over the world against a system. But, how you solve that shit ? Education … students who will get so much in debt that there’s no way they will be able to pay their tuition once they arrive to an over saturated market, where is impossible to find a job that will pay for the bills. You know Chile is the only country in the world where you can profit with the State funds and get away with it … SUCK ON THAT !!! And how you solve that shit … with politicians ? ha … politicians SUCK ! They got the shit so much up to their necks on influences, crossed interests with their own businesses, corrupted motherfuckers who haven’t been able to make a single political agenda on what people really need. Pinochet lovers, Allende lovers, derecha izquierda centro, everybody loves the system. And how you solve that shit ? war … against who ? your fellow country man ? Camine. Shit yes you need faith, in whatever you believe in and especially in yourself. Attitude will get you going, that’s a sure thing. Probably you need faith and attitude and a whole lot of other things in life. Hard work, … you name it.

I have only great memories of the Chilean metal scene. What kind of metal scene are we talking about in Santiago?
-Fuck metal scene here in Chile is great. Foreign numbers come here and get so impressed that they keep on coming, which is awesome. Probably is a people’s thing in South America, cos fans in Argentina and Brasil are nuts as well. Everybody here loves the crowd. Well of course Santiago is where most of the things happen, where most of the shows take part. But don’t be fooled and you can also get to see some Dimmu Borgir cursing the sky up in Coquimbo and the riot is even greater I’d say. Also great local bands play at local stadiums and stuff in a festival lately, so Yes, chilean metal scene is great.

You don’t seem to be too well known to metal fans all over the Globe. How would you best sell your sound to somebody interested in checking you guys out?
-We aren’t ? … Fuck man don’t give me that shit ! haha. The album “From the End” it’s an album with vicious changes, up tempo and metal groove. It’s the beginning and end of crazy moments for us as a band recorded on an album. Our tunes are solid, heavy and get stuck. Great for karaoke man !, ha

What would you say is the highlight of your album “From The End”? Anything that stands out more than anything else?
big day
from the end
….we like all of them really. The whole 12.

Chile, as all other South American countries are Catholic. How much power does the church have in the 21st century? Does the church’s power reach as far out as the music scene?
-Catholicism is the most popular religion, with very deep roots in Chilean society. However things change, and the main reasons are that even though the people need to believe in something or someone they have become more critic to catholic church, specially because cases related with sexual abuse, from head Priests and Nuns to their followers or pupils, and the protection and impunity that these sickos operated. I remember that in 1992 or 1993 they banned Iron Maiden to perform for the first time in Chile. They have returned for 7or 8 times since then, I’m not sure. We don’t give a fuck about religions of any kind.

The bands that I’ve come upon from Chile so far has all been more akin to the extreme metal side. What kind of metal bands do you interact with?
-We interact with Mar de Grises, Sacramento, Rajavana.

It is only when you search hard that you find new Chilean metal bands. What is the hardest part in reaching out to metal fans outside of Chile? Is the language barrier a major issue?
Language is not a barrier for us as our songs are in English and also in Spanish, the principal barrier for us is to make our music be available to the people.

With Santiago being a big city what kind of places are there to play live at? Any cool rock clubs that allows smaller bands to play?
-There is a few good places to play, SCD, Batuta or House of Rock and Blues, Club Rock y Guitarras, Oxido. They are great to play live.

I’ve noticed lately that more and more bands are using Facebook for band promotion instead of Myspace. What are the advantages to using one over the other?
-I think every social network is key to promote your band , music or business nowadays. How you make use of one in particular will depend on several things … shit I’d surely enjoy making fuckin movies out of any song we have as a video clip and upload them to Youtube … so depends on a lot of things, time, budget, etc. I think you have to use them all.

How are you going to make more people hear of Edenial in the future?
-Using and abusing of social networks…working with our record label (Ravenheart music) and of course touring Europe. Book us motherfuckers. We are Out.

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