Check out this interview I did with EDGEOVEREDGE. Anders Ekdahl ©2019

I am a word buff so when I find a band name that excites me I want to know the reason behind the choice. So how did you pick your name?
-EdgeOverEdge basically is a play on “over the edge”. What if there’s an edge over the edge? We like to think that it represents us in that we set no limits on our creativity based on a genre or sub-genre. Regardless of what we write, it’s still us.

There are so many genres and sub-genres today that it is hard to keep track of them all. So what was it that made you pick the style you play?
-If we like it and there’s a song there, we write it. We’d rather blend genres than conform.

What influences you in creating your music? What is/has been the single greatest influence?
-Sounds, life, other songs, stories, movies, noises, joy, pain. The human condition.
Shared experiences.

How important is it to have a message as a band?
-It depends. I don’t think it’s necessary to have a message to craft a great song but it definitely takes a great song to convey a message.

Is image an important factor to the bands appearance?
-I think we all take our image into consideration but we are not a costume band

How important is it to have an album cover that stands out to grab people’s attention in this day and age?
-Anything that can grab (and keep) someone’s attention is extremely important. I think an album cover is a gateway…

What kind of respect do you get from your local scene?
-We are all family. We support and get it in return!

How massive is it to get response from places you have never heard of?
-It’s incredible to connect with people whether standing in the room you’re playing or around the world because of a music video. To be able to take something you’ve created and connect with anyone is truly magical.

Is playing live still a great way to get new fans to discover you?
-I think so. A lot of music can be cranked out by one person in a bedroom but to coordinate, in our case, three individuals to produce an experience is still the purest form of music.

What does the future have in its womb?
-Keep pushing forward. More music, more video, more performances, more connections.

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