EHFAR is yet another Italian band that I am not familiar with. Read what they have to say for themselves. Anders Ekdahl ©2018

What pressure is there in releasing an album compared to a demo? Do you feel that there is a sort of pressure to succeed when you release and album, that it sorta is for real now?
-Hi, when I was younger (23/24 years old, I started to do music in the late 90’s) I was pretty excited about the release a demo with my first thrash band.
As I can remember maybe I released 2/3 demos and after I started with albums with my very first discographic deal with Abstracta followed by Dgm, Necrophagia, Astra, Mistheria, Arthur Falcone, Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin, Takayoshi Ohmura, Architecs of Chaoz, Phoenix Rising, Ehfar and many others.
The pressure, I think, depends about what you would like to present as a lyricist and composer.
EHFAR for me is a journey through emotions and feelings.
I’ve written, played all the instruments (not in the album, by the way, I’m not so good with guitars and bass) and arranged the album in a solitary mood in my own studio in just 3 weeks and it came out very easy, so I’m pretty confident about the way to “play” the songs and I’m pretty confident about my band, very good musicians based in Rome, formed by guitarist Emiliano Tessitore, bassist Matteo Dondi and drummer Andrea Gianangeli.
The album was recorded originally by bassist Alberto Rigoni, drummer Denis Novello, acustic guitarist Alessio Lex Tricarico and guitarist Emiliano Tessitore.

When you release a record of any sort what kind of expectations do you have on it? Do you set up goals for it?
-These days I think you don’t need to have expectations.
You should have only the right strength to present your album live and make the difference….very hard, indeed, but you MUST to try.

When you release an album and you go out and play live and people know your songs, how weird is that? That people know what you have written on your own?
-It amazing, cause it means that people listened the album very carefully and I think its a magic sensation and its a direct “high five” for you 🙂

Do you feel that you have to follow in the footsteps of the last album for a new when it comes to lyrics and art work for everything so that those that bought the previous record will recognize your sound?
-Maybe, but its not a rule. I will run the inspiration free to explode and I will see what it will happen. I have recorded one song in the past days (april 2018) that is very obscured in the way of one my musical inspiration Devin Townsend.

Do you feel like you are a part of a greater community because you play in a band?
-Of course, cause you meet everyday different people starting from your band mates, the friends of your band mates and so on. To be part of a great community it’s easy, in my opinion, if you are in the right mood to share your feelings and your music.

How hard/easy is it to come up with new songs that that still are you but doesn’t sound like anything you’ve already written?
-I think its cool no? Wow I wrote something really different as the past sessions and it means that I am working/changing the way to be inspired, I think its really cool.
It’s boring to be always the same and its a good challenge to write something different.

What influences/inspires you today? Where do you draw inspiration from? Is it important to have some sort of message?
-Honestly, I have no important messages to spread. I have only something to say about my personal experiences and influences coming from the life you live day by day. It’s a catarthic/meditation moment or maybe its something like an “exorcism”. What you will read its about what I’ve been through in the last 2 years and finally I’ve decided to put on paper my feelings and my soul and thats the reason why I called the project and the album using the acronym of “Everything Happens For A Reason”.

We hear about what state the record industry is in. Then we hear that cd sales are increasing. As a band that releases records do you notice the state the industry is in?
-Only the big names sell a good amount of copies (and its not so certain nowdays) but in the end they release the album only to have a reason to go on tour and earn the right money and understand if the album is cool or not. On the road you can earn money from merch, and as always, it depends what kind of status have your band.
From my point of view I’m lucky enough to travel around the world playing a really nice music, meet a lot of people and have the real contact with them.
Nowdays, especially in italy, if you want to release an album you need to pay and sometime you need to pay a really high rate only to be part of the label and you need to buy your albums from them.
So you begin your “career” with a negative balance and, my personal opinion, this is sucks cause it means that nobodies wants to “bet” on you.
The same its about the “pay to play”. Where are the promoters that risks their asses and bet on the music?? Its easy to book a medium band and ask to minor bands to pay their “bills”….sometime its not worth it cause you need to pay 5/6/700 euro or more just to play in front 200/250 people…mmmmmm.
It’s an utopian thought for sure, sorry about it 🙂
The EHFAR experience with Revalve Records is really good cause they bet on my music cause they liked the songs…so I consider myself lucky enough to have a label that believe in my music.

What is your opinion on digital verses physical?
-I don’t like digital, it’s not my cup of tea, I still like to have the booklet in my hands, read the lyrix and the notes but, from the other side, nowdays with smartphones and laptop its more easier to promote your music. I am maybe a “tear in the ocean” but I don’t use to download music now and before with e-mule and stuff like that.

What lies in the future?
-For me the future its very interesting right now. I have to promote “Everything Happes For A Reason” that will be out september 21st 2018 and this interview for Battlehelm its the first one for EHFAR so I’m really honored. I will have in the next days some live gigs with EHFAR that it will be so cool, indeed.
I will promote the album for my other project Architecs of Chaoz that will be out May 25th via the German label Metalville, playing live with Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin around the world.
So, the future is bright musically.
Thanx for this opportunity to talk with you and thanx to your readers that I, gently, invite to support my project EHFAR at this address
Truly, Titta Tani “EHFAR”

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