Bandbild EleineELEINE is another Swedish band and since they are local it is with pride that I interview them. ©2015 Anders Ekdahl

Female fronted metal has become a genre its own. But what differs female from male fronted metal?
E: Nothing I guess. But it would be fun to see a male frontman posing in my stage outfit

From what I understan you have released a single before the album.What was the reason behind that?
E:To promote both the band and the album. The first single was released and the debut album was supposed to be released shortly after. But it was delayed, so we released another single about a month the album was finally released.

Now that you have an album out, what do you expect it to do for you?
E: Through hard work it will help us spread our music and our name. We want to reach out worldwide, that’s the main goal at this very moment.

Howimportant is image? Is it important to look the part?
E: I am who I am, and my look is important on stage of course and so goes for all of us in the band.

Do you have an aesthetic you follow from promo pics to album cover to stage out fits?
E: Yes!

When you are a Swedish metal band does that bring with it any advantages in getting attention? Is it easier to be noticed when you are from Sweden?
E: Don’t know really

What importance does being signed to a label have today with all these different social media that helps you promote your music?
E: Don’t know really. We do all the social media and promoting ourselves, even when it was a record label that released this album.

When you come from a town that isn’t one of the three big ones in Sweden does it ever feel like you are going to prove them wrong, that you are just good as them?
E: Haven’t thought about it that way.Your achievements are not a reflection from where you hail

How important is it to get out and play to get noticed? Do people come out to see smaller bands?
E: Yes they do! And it is important. Metalheads in particular like´to discover new bands, and that’s awesome. Just awesome!

What does the future hold?
E: A lot! We will soon be launching our new and updated webshop, and we’re right now working on our upcoming gigs! We’re really looking forward to the summer of 2016. And yes, we’re already working on new material

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