ELIMI were off to a great start but then everything seemed to fall apart. Now they are back for a second try. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Your “Asylum” album was originally released by a small Italian label that now seem to have disappeared up their own ass. How frustrating is it that all your hard work has gone up in thin air?
-Of course it is very frustrating. And they didn’t do a good job getting the album out to distributors and mailorders before they disappeared either. So we were very disappointed though we thought it was a good label.

What was behind the reason to release it again on a different label, beside the obvious reason?
-It doesn’t feel like it’s been released before, not for real. So we wanted to re-release it on a better label, a serious label. I’ve been in contact with Unexploded before about Elimi and they have shown interest so they were our first choice. This time the album will reach out to a bigger territory.

Elimi often gets compared to this whole “shoegazing black metal” scene that has been invented. Where do you see yourself fit in?
-Elimi is not about fitting in. We have no limits on the music. Sure, we’re mainly a black metal band but it’s more genres in our music than that. It will be shown more of that in our future material.

Elimi is a hard name to decipher. What is behind it?
-We found the name in a text we read about a catholic priest who signed a contract for a pact with the Devil. The contract was signed by the demons: Lucifer, Beelzebub, Satan, Astaroth, Leviathan and Elimi.

Does being a Swedish black metal band give you any advantages? Are you being treated with more respect?
-I haven’t really thought about it, nor have I experienced it or have something to compare with. But we are treated with respect.

How much time and effort do you spend on writing music and lyrics? Is it an easy process?
-I spend a lot of time writing music in those periods I’m in the writing mood. Many riffs are being thrown in the garbage because I want to be really satisfied. And then it’s not just the writing for me, it’s the whole process of making bass lines, the drum beats and putting everything together.
Tobias is writing most of the lyrics and I know, when he writes, he also has thrown away many lyrics because he isn’t satisfied enough. It’s always been as if the lyrics are made for my music and the other way around, it always fits perfect. I don’t know if it’s an easy process, but I don’t think it’s hard.

When you are a part of a scene does it ever become frustrating that people think you are something else than you actually are? That you are being judged on the scene more so than on the music?
-I haven’t noticed any of these things.

What was it in the first place that made you want to play black metal? What is there to this style that is so great?
-We wanted to play dark and extreme music because it fits what we want to express. Black metal as genre is not always great but if it is used in the right way it is the perfect tool to express your inner darkness.

When will we see anything new from the band?
-In 2013 or 2014. We are working on the material for our third album now and I have music for five songs.

What can we expect from the band in the near future?
-We are currently putting together a new line-up and if it works out we hope to get out and play some live shows soon.

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