I simply love ACID and have so ever since I discovered them in the 80s. When I heard ELVENSTORM the first time I was immediately brought back to that time. Not that the band can’t stand their own ground. This is heavy metal the way heavy metal is supposed to sound. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

I gotta admit that I was pretty thrown off by the name. I kinda expected some trolls and elves fairytale metal and not the ACID induced, borderline speed metal I heard. What was the thought behind the band name?
-With the band name, we didn’t want to sounds like all these folks fairytale metal bands.
It more reminds me the power and speed of a storm attack coming out from an old age that’s why we used to choose this band name. No keyboards, no princess, only traditional and powerful heavy metal.

How hard is it to have a clear vision of what it is you want to do with the band when there is so much to choose from if you want to take the easy way?
-I know, heavy metal is not really the easy way to the success, but anyway, we play what we want and what we like most. Heavy Metal is a part of our life, it’s a passion first. As say Kai Hansen in his song “Heavy Metal is the Law” : We need it as a liquid in our veins instead of blood” I think it’s the best way to play this kind of music, by passion.

To my ears there is a classic European heavy/speed metal sound to your music. Where does that come from?
-I think it’s coming from a melt of all our influences, you know, myself and Michael are really influenced by the German Heavy Metal bands like old Helloween, Running Wild, Grave Digger, Paragon, Wizard … and Felix was playing for a long time in Lonewolf, . We don’t want to sound like one or other bands, we just create songs with our own influences so I thinks that European Heavy Speed Metal is the right term

With a new an album out on a label that is anything but metal how much of a help is that to bring the band even further on?
Yeah, our first album is out on Inferno Records, it’s really the kind of label we wanted. Fabien is doing an absolutely great work, and is one the most serious, courageous and passionate people I ever seen. I think it’s the best way to start with a first album. There was no real problem with the production of the album. I still don’t know where we will release our second album, but we are 150% satisfied by the Inferno records’s job.

How do you avoid being seen as a cliché and instead be taken serious doing the stuff you like?
-For us and many people, Heavy Metal is not a “cliché”, we played it with guts and hearts.
Chains, leather, spikes and other stuff are part of the game. It’s more a way to be instead of a “cliché”

How hard do you work on the display of the bands image in order to set you apart from the rest of all other hopeful metal bands?
-There’s a lot of good metal bands in the newcomers, but we’ll bring something new with our songs.
It’s not really current to hear Heavy Speed Metal with female vocals on the newcomers.

What plan do you have to get people to notice just you?
– The label’s promotion and the social networks helps us a lot to promote our music.
We also will promote this record on the road, we are actually booked on France, Germany, and Italy.After we don’t have any plans, we don’t calculate, let’s see what happened in the future

How do you get on the European summer festival circle when you are just a small band on a small label?
-It’s quite hard, because we have to prove on stage the value of the album.
Even if we don’t play festivals this year or later, we are really pleased with all the shows we have and to visit different countries.

How pleased are you with “Of Rage And War”? Is it even possible to describe the feeling of accomplishment you felt seen the album for the very first time?
-We are totally pleased with this records, it’s the accomplishment of years of great hard work.
When we received the pack with the cds, it was a sort of relief and the end of months of hardworking !!! I’m also happy with all the reviews he had and the satisfaction of the people when they listen our record

What would you consider being the next logical step in the evolution of Elvenstorm?
The next logical step is the release of our second album. We are actually working on new songs and I really hope to enter the studio at the end of the year for the recordings of this new one. It will be an album in the vein of “Of Rage and war” but with more maturity and more power !!!!
Stay tuned !

Laura F

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