EMBERS OF REVENGE might be new to most of you but if you are into power metal you should check them out. Answers by Vocalist Med Zougari. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

When you play power metal where do you draw inspiration from? Are there a protocol you have to follow or can anything go as long as it is metal?
-All the inspiration starts with and comes from mythical ages, medieval thoughts and noble feelings… for us as a band we try to make our own shape of metal. We don’t follow any protocol we just go with the flow and let our melodies mix together to present the music as best it can be.

What is power metal to you? How would you like to define it?
-For me power metal is an imaginary world mixed with heavenly emotions and aggressive shreds that show a will to change and that have a passion for life! As a definition for me power metal is the modern heavy metal with classic speed blazes and vocal sirens that can change the world.

To me Omen’s “Battle Cry” and Sanctuary’s “The Mirror Black” are two of the best power metal album of all time. What is it that influences you?
-My influences are totally Power Metal and I share your point about Sanctuary’s Mirror Black as one of the best, especially Warrel’s high notes and Dave Budbill’s extreme rythmns. I would add Heavenly’s Carpe diem and Angra’s Temple of shadows, as influences that gave me vast ideas to create our own Power Metal’s style.

How important is it that the lyrics deal with fantasy topics? What would not make for good power metal lyrics?
-I agree with this idea and I found that’s one of the characteristics of Power metal – I just wrote one song that follows these topics and it’s titled “the fantasy” too. I like that power metal ritual coz I am a man who has a nostalgia for glory, for the medieval era’s glory and for their mythical thoughts. But in my point of view it can make trouble if most of the P.metal bands use this subject, that will lead us to a boring style

When you come from North Africa do you feel alone in playing metal? What kind of metal scene are we talking about today?
-I just feel alone in the style coz we don’t have many people that appreciate it. They find it old fashioned, but there’s many other bands around. I think that the scene today is tough, empty and threatened – that’s why we are all trying to survive and make sacrifices to protect the Metal Kingdom’s from fallin’….

I have no idea what it is like to live in Tunisia? How are folks into metal being treated by the authorities? What is the climate like today?
-Living here is great – calm and modern but tough coz none encourages you to create metal. The metal folks are not treated bad from the authorities, but sometimes from the new government and people that find it sinister which makes me laugh. As for the climate it’s a little hot, sunny and calm.

When you are pretty much alone in doing the style of music that you are doing where do you look for help/advice? How do you know what to do and how to do it?
-Yes you are right! And we can find help and advice from our varied influences in the band, and we know what to do through our experiences. I’ve been fightnin’ for 10 years and joined some bands to create Our dream that we live today.

What part has internet played in spreading the name of the band to metalheads around the Globe?
-Well I can thank the internet cuz frankly without it we would be buried alone here, producers don’t visit our country to fetch talents or to open a label. So the internet was our only shelter, and we are happy for the result.

You are pretty new as a band. How did the band come to be? What was it that made you want to form a band and how did you find the right kind of people to join in?
-After the failure of my other projects in Tunis (the capital), I went back to where I live (Nabeul, and met my dude there Zied Chaabani our rhythm guitarist. We and decided on the night of the 7th of July 2011 to create a band – we recorded two demos tracks at that night and the night after and uploaded a teaser. We got 105 likes the first night, so we gathered members from our region and started under the name ELYSIAN. But the band page got hacked by the band’s former vocalist after we dismissed him coz of musical issues, which lead us to make a change in line up – I switched from drums to Vocals and recorded our first single “gates of Destiny” that will be through out BlueFreya Records. Well I dug so much for the active members and now they show a great respect for their music, for their career and for people who appreciated them. And after all we were close friends… so we settled : Med Zougari “vocals”, Zii chaabani “guitars”, Nizar khsib “lead Guitars”, Ahmed Yahweyi “bass”, Skander essid “Synth,pianos”, Med saied “drums”

What will be the next step for the band now? How will you take this even further?
-The next step is our full length « Gates » that is already written and waiting for help to record it. Also we are preparing for a big gig, and we will take this further with fan support, our label support, and working with music industry people that still wanna have a great metal scene and help new bands.
Band’s page : http://www.facebook.com/Embers.Revengeofficial

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