ENDLESS AFFLICTION is a Greek death metal band that has that Suffocation/Immolation vibe to it. ©2016 Anders Ekdahl

So what is up with your name?
-Actually we had to change our first name (Hesperian) and we had to choose a new one. So we didn’t have a lot of time to think it over so we read all the lyrics from the album “Savage Retribution” for possible words that we could use and the people would like. And If you see the lyrics for the song “Savage Retribution” you’ll see our band’s name!

What is the band all about?
When we formed the band we decided to support Greek mythology due to its greatness and because we’re proud of it as Greeks. So, beyond the composition of the music, which we try to make it sound as dark as possible to simulate the underworld, in each album the lyrics follow the same pattern. That, I think, is the aesthetic that we keep as a band.

Do you have a meaning that you like to get through?
-First of all, we have to choose a story from Greek mythology (mainly from the underworld). When we choose a myth, we have to understand the meaning of it and all the details. So, after that we begin to write and try to make the story as creepy as possible. At the end, we read the lyrics and cut out or put in words that we feel are needed to make it better.

How important is art work? What is good art work?
-Finding the right artwork can be tricky. We have to find something that appeals to deathheads and looks brutal or scary in some manner. Usually, when we come up with ideas for the artwork, we go through our lyrics again and find a myth that we think would look great as a cover. For example, in “Savage Retribution”, Hades sitting on his throne like a boss while people are being tortured. That was just one of the many ideas we had and I think that we got it right.

How do you explain what kind of metal you play to people that are new to you?
Haha, this is a really good question. Of course, this is happening really often when we have to explain our favourite genre of music or that we play as a band. The main problem with metal is that it’s a very misunderstood genre of music. Just think when you listen to death metal and you have to tell this to people. Sometimes they treating you like you’re a fuckin’ psycho, you know! People are used to watching horror films and they find it normal, but noooo If someone listen to death metal (that is the same thing If you analyse it) he’s just crazy or problematic!

Is it easy to promote your band these days?
-Νο, we think that we deserve a lot more than our current situation. Basically, it is very difficult to promote your own band and If you don’t have a label to do this right, you can understand that you can’t have what you want.

Is digital killing the music business? Is CD a dying thing of the past?
-To be honest, I think eventually, physical CD’s will cease to exist. Everything is done digitally now and most people prefer having a bunch of albums on their computer or their phone than a big box full of plastic. It’s a shame, really, but it’s the way things are nowdays.

How much of a touring entity are you guys?
-The truth is, we haven’t toured yet, so it’s hard to say. Our personal belief is that the festivals is a great chance for bands to get recognition and improve their musical skills as they play in front of their fans or people that haven’t seen them before.

What would be a great live show for you?
-Growing up, we had the chance to watch many great live concerts. So we would love, in the future, to be able to give a big stage show in front of crazy fans!

What does the future hold?
-We are in the middle of recordings sessions for our next album. So prepare… New things are coming!

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