Metal from Turkey isn’t the most common thing even in 2013. ENGULFED being the excemption. Serkan was kind enough to answer my interview. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Why is that we in the rest of the world knows so little about Turkish metal?
-Because there is no Turkish Metal. This country is full of posers and fuckin religious and racist bands. That’s why the world knows very very little about Turkish Metal Scene.

When you live in a country that has one foot in the western world and the other in the east does that affect the way you think and act as a metal band?
-No. Because I don’t care about the borders or east or west. The world is one piece.

Or does the division between Christianity and Islam play a bigger role in shaping you as a band?
-No again. Because we all don’t care about the religions. This is a country full of muslims. It’s really hard to play metal in this country because they are looking you that you are evil or satanic. But we have an answer to all that who is looking us like that: Yes, we are.

How religious a country is Turkey really? Whenever there are any reports on elections or stuff like that in the news it is made out to be a struggle between Muslims and Christians?
-Turkey is very religious. Muslims are the most hardcore religious people all around the world and Turkey is one of them. I don’t want to live here. Take me to your country and adopt me as your child.

How big is the metal scene in Turkey? To me standing on the outside I only see a lot of tourists and no room for a vibrant national music scene?
-Not big. There isn’t any metal scene except Kadikoy, Istanbul. We are holding the underground and true metal scene in this country. Without Kadikoy, Turkey is nothing.

When you don’t really have that much of a metal history how hard/easy is it to find like minded people to help you out with recordings and stuff like art work?
-We record our song with our own possibilities. There is no help and we don’t need any. A few people making artworks and some great record skills but that’s all. A few people.

What kind of infrastructure is there for metal in Turkey?
-A few old great bands released some good stuff in the past. But they are all broke up. Now; Deggial, Godslaying Hellblast, Impuration, Hellsodomy, Diaboliser and Engulfed took the flag.

What would you say has been your greatest influence in shaping the sound of ENGULFED?
-For me, Dead Congregation.

When you play the kind of metal that you guys do what are your intentions with it? Where do you see yourself going?
-Maybe some fests around Europe and Us, will release qualified stuff, maybe some splits, vinyls, cd’s. But we will play true death metal until we are dead and started rotting.

What would the ideal future hold for the band?
-As I said before, the first thing is releasing qualified stuff that people will give us support. This is the best thing; being underground and true. Not being a posers. People can see and feel that. Support only the true bands that you feel they are not posers and religious scumbags.

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