ENSHADOWED have been around for a while but I’ve managed to totally miss out on them. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Something I often wonder about is how much you as a band use your cultural history when it is as rich as the Greek for instance in both shaping your sound and your lyrical content?
-Well, in our 14 years of existence we never used any sound element or lyrical part that shows our origin.

ENSHADOWED has been around since 1998 is I understand it correctly yet you have only six albums to your name. What is that hinders you from doing an album more often?
-We have 3 full length albums and many split EPs. We don’t follow the method of nowadays. I mean that we write music only when we need to do it rather than every two years as the labels want.

Is Greece a great place to be an extreme metal band? What kind of response do you get from the Greek metal fans?
It’s very difficult to a Greek band to support its music on a tour. Greek metal fans are supporting our scene but Greece is a small country. If we were Germans for example, it would be easier to rent a tour bus and to give many live shows all around Europe. Also, with our country’s economy the things are more difficult because, don’t forget, that we need a lot of money for a good tour.

What does geography mean today as far as peoples interest for a band? Are bands from Sweden, Britain or the States still more cool to be into?
-Sweden is a great country for somebody to be a musician, you know that better from me. I love your scene and you will find many influences in my guitar riffs. Geography is fucking important for a band. Can you imagine Bathory or Mayhem to be from somewhere in Africa? No way! Culture and temperament are important.

How would you like to comment on your new album? Is it everything you ever wanted it to be?
-“Magic Chaos Psychedelia” has many levels of sound. You can feel the power of the aggressive mood of the band. You can enjoy with us the chaotic trip, but chaos in order. We are very satisfied with the result of the album but I cannot say that if I was currently in studio would not change anything. Music is just a photograph. You can see and feel the moment and this moment passed and can’t come back.

I’ve never been in a studio, less recorded an album. How annoying is it if you are not satisfied with the outcome once it is released and you have to live with the wrongs?
-We are living the days of sound editing. I really hate it. I like the human deviation, but if for any reason things go wrong, then you can use the digital intervention to correct anything that you need. Most of the bands don’t talk about these little secrets that the sound engineers do in the editing step of the sound production mainly in the drums.

When do you know that something is right, that the song you just wrote is the best you’ve ever done, or that the guitar you just recorded was what you were looking for?
-I can say that I am not a great guitarist. My talent is to compose music with instrumentation balance. I try to use 4, 5 or 6 stings riff and not “power chords” so much. This gives a multidimensional complexity view in our music.

How important is it that the album’s cover looks right in this day and age of digital downloads and people only being interested in songs and not albums?
-I still collect vinyl records and tapes. The digital download is very good just to check which bands and albums are good for buying. The cover layout of the album and the logo of the band are really important and they complete the concept of the music.

How metal is digital downloading really? Isn’t metal all about the feel of a physical product, something that you can show for?
-I’m a sound engineer. One of the first things I learned in the “Acoustic” lesson is that the Mp3 files are missing a large amount of music’s harmonics and this is affecting the brain significantly in a psychoacoustic way. So, when you are listening to Mp3 files, you think that you are listening music, but you really don’t! You’re listening to one part of the real music. Also, as a metalhead I prefer to buy and support bands that I like.

What future is there for ENSHADOWED?
-We are planning more live shows for promoting the new album. I also began to create new ideas for upcoming stuff. Thank you for the interview my friend.

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