ENTHRALLMENT are death metal no question about it. Interview with the drummer and founder of Enthrallment. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

OK, I know almost nothing about Enthrallment yet you guys have been going for some time now. What have you been up to before this new album drop in on me?
-Hi. During the whole period since 1998 up to now we have been making music. From now on I believe that many people will discover our band. Yes. Actually in the last four years we drew back from the metal scene. For the period 2008-2012 we made an European tour in 2010. Now we are working hard on our next album.

Death metal today is not just one style. How hard is it to get people to understand what it is that you play and why you do it?
-It is very difficult. But if people make an attempt to read the lyrics and understand the artist through his/her music then it won’t be so difficult. Though I think that these days it is almost impossible to happen. We put great emotion and passion when we create our riffs and write our lyrics. This makes our songs more intense.

You often get compared to bands like Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse but I also hear similarities to Vader. When you started what was it that made you want to play this kind of death metal that you play?
-Suffocation is my favorite band. The name of our band originates from the title of one of their songs. In fact, I don’t understand why they compare Enthrallment to Suffocation. I guess it is because we share with Suffocation some similar classical musical techniques. I don’t know. We grew up listening to this bands.

Could you please explain the tile of the album ”People From The Lands Of Vit”?
-“People from the lands of Vit” is kind of a strange title for an album, isn’t it? In fact “Vit” is the name of the river that passes nearby the town we were born in. People who are prisoners of their own fears live on these lands. They are depressed and desperate and they can be very dangerous when they feel threatened. You can learn more when you read our lyrics .The deeper you go into realizing each word of these lyrics, the better you will understand why we decided to choose this title for the album.

How important is it that the lyrics fit with the title of the album? What kind of topics are you guys dealing with lyrically?
-Everything is related with everything. The title of the album is related to the songs, the songs are interrelated, etc. We want our album to look like a book, where everything is interconnected. Our album even looks like a puzzle. It is up to everyone to match the pieces. Each song deals with different topics, and yet the lyrics are interconnected.

Your songs don’t seem to last more than 3 minutes each. Is there a thought behind having so short and to the point songs?
-It’s true. Each songs lasts around 3 minutes. It is not on purpose. But in the process of creating, composing and arranging a song we just feel that the song should not last longer. Actually, we have other songs that last 7 minutes.

What is the death metal scene like in Bulgaria? I can’t seem to think of any single bands coming from your country.
-There are a lot of creative and talented artists and bands in Bulgaria. I can convince you in this fact with the compilation that I am now working on with other Bulgarian bands. However, here in Bulgaria there is no such a thing as musical business in the area of the extreme musical styles.

What kind of reactions do you get from the metal fans in Bulgaria? Do they support the native bands or is it the international bands that get their attention?
-The Bulgarian fans like Enthrallment .I’ve seen this many times. When we play, the clubs are full with people .There are many good responses to our music, albums, concerts. The metal music unites the Bulgarian fans .They devotedly support each band that they like.

How do you promote the new album the best possible way so that all the death metal freaks can hear it?
-One way to promote our new album will be a tour. Now we are working on organizing a tour. We are trying to arrange dates not only in Europe, but also on the other continents. Still, nothing can be said for sure.
Also, our label United Guttural records further promotes our new album. We maintain very good communication with UGR and everything develops much easier.

What do you see in the future for Enthrallment?
-We will be creating more music in the future and making more albums. It is up to us how successfully we will develop.

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