Entrails is another new Swedish death metal acquaintance. With a second album out I knew I had to interview them. Anders Ekdahl ©2011

I pride myself on keeping track of Swedish metal acts, or at least I thought I did but lately I’ve come upon dozens of bands that I had no idea existed. Entrails came as a surprise to me. Having formed so long ago what kind of advantages do you see yourself having had you started today?
-I don’t know about any advantages, but it is way easier nowadays to try out new songs in Cubase and send ideas to each other within the band. There are sooo many bands these days, so it’s harder to get people to remember your band.

From a distance your “The Tomb Awaits” could be mistaken for an Entombed album. Is that a strategic move from your side in order to attract more interest?
-We wanted a cover that would look like an old Seagrave-cover, but we didn’t have “Left hand path” in mind, but yeah, the colours and motive resemble of that album. The music itself does not sound very much like Entombed though. Of course here and there, but we’re not a rip-off band, which you can hear when you listen to it. When it comes to the logo, it was designed in 1990 or so, and that was the font you used back then. It looks a little similar to Entombed, but so what? Nihilist, Entombed and Carnage all had similar logos, because of the old English font. It’s like saying Nirvana stole Guns n Roses logo, because it’s the same font on “Nevermind” and “Use your illusion”. Or that Carnage stole Bathory’s logo. We’re getting pretty tired of everyone babbling about it. Listen to the music instead, all you 13-year old, know-it-all Internet forum mongoloids.

It’s not just the cover art and logo but there is something old school to the whole approach of the band. What era of death metal is the best in your opinion?
-We do not share the same opinion within the band. Some think that the old Sunlight era is the best. Entombed, Dismember, Grave etc. And some of us think Autopsy, Deicide, Morbid Angel and Repulsion is the best.

Having released an album already how much can you build on that one now that the new album’s out?
-We’re proud of both our albums and I don’t know what we can do about building, but they both will stand the test of time.

With the availability of technology today you can easily make your own music videos and make them look good. What channels are there to spread them? How important is youtube in spreading the word of the band?
-Youtube is a good option in spreading music. Everyone use it. We don’t use many (maybe any) other channels to spread our music.

It’s not just enough to release an album. You’d want people to hear it too. How do you go about spreading the word when you’re signed to a smaller label?
Rico of FDA is spreading and distributing the album very good. Along with Dark Descent in US. Other than that, we use youtube, facebook and myspace. And of course, word of mouth.

Having been around since the 1990s you’ve seen Swedish death metal acts come and go. Which one has stood out the most and why?
-Of course you HAVE to say Dismember and Entombed. There’s a reason why the old bands still play. It’s because they play solid music that never dies. New genres come and go, but if you play good music that you believe in, it will stay.

When does old school not become old school? Is there a line to cross for this to happen?
-I don’t know really. I don’t like to use that saying, but it’s easy to say when people ask what you sound like. When it comes to Swedish death metal, it might not be old school anymore when you don’t use the Heavy metal pedal.

Is a tour on your own a better way of spreading the name or will a performance at a festival do the job better?
-Both ways are good. If you’re playing at good venues all tour, it might be better than a small festival in Ukraine. But Wacken in Germany might be better than a small tour in Belarus. It all depends on where you play.

How far do you have the strength to take Entrails?
-To hell.

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