Dutch metal. There is something special with it. From Thanatos and Pestilence to The Gathering and Within Temptation. Its span is gigantous. ENTRAPMENT is no exception to the rule of greatness. Anders Ekdahl ©2017

Ever since the 80s I’ve been a huge fan of Dutch metal yet it has never been given the same credit as the Swedish, Norwegian or right now the Finnish metal scenes. Why is it that we don’t get to hear about a Dutch metal phenomenon?
-Hard question, probably since there’s no trademark for dutch death. There’s a particular Scandinavian sound when it comes to black metal, gothenborg death metal or Stockholm death metal.
The finish death metal style is inspired by the old Swedish bands etc etc.
A dutch band like Sinister sounds completely different than Gorefest or Pestilence.

How old school is ENTRAPMENT? What is it that is so bloody cool about the old school death metal sound that we can’t let go of it?
-Because it doesn’t matter how good you can play, as long you can feel the energy coming from it.
An old rotten cassette with a crappy rehearsal take can sound more satisfying than Andy Sneap latest production.

You got a new album out now. What can you tell us about it? What can we expect from it?
-After a handful of demo’s and 2 albums I couldn’t get any more really Swedish inspired riffs from my hands so I had to incorporate some more doomy parts like Asphyx or the old Paradise Lost.
That gave me a wider range of possibilities basically.
So the album is a mix between slow songs , 2 beats and D beats.

When you started ENTRAPMENT with what intentions did you do so? What kind of master plan did you have that would bring you to where you are today?
-My son was just born and I had no much time to focus on a band in general at that time.
Lots of death metal bands popped up suddenly like Miasmal, Morbus Chron, Necrowretch etc. and it inspired me to record some demo songs on my own with no ambition at all.
After the first tape was released by Detest Records people started to show interest in the band and it became more serious.

To me a band name is the first thing I notice. If it feels cool then I’ll check the band out. What made you go with the name ENTRAPMENT?
-On Soulburns first album Stepping on Angels there’s a song called Hellish Entrapment!

How important is it to have the right kind of art work for an album? Do you have any memories of album art work that has really ruined an otherwise super cool album?
-No not really, when I was a young kid a bandphoto or terrible artwork was a reason for me to not listen to an album in a record shop, but these days I don’t really care about it as long as the artwork I can use for my own band is something I really like myself.
So far I have some friends who do great stuff like Mattias Frisk from Vanhelgd or Marald van Haasteren.

We live in an age where it is super duper easy to offend people. If you fart the wrong way people will be upset. How easy is it to offend people in The Netherlands?
-I guess it’s the same everywhere these days. Since the introduction of internet everybody’s got his own little platform to voice their opinion.
Back in the days you had to take paper and a pen , write your complains into a decent story walk to a mailbox and send it to a newspaper.
Now it’s just a matter of pushing a button.

When you write lyrics for the band what are they about? Do they have to be your “typical” death metal lyrics?
-They have to be gruesome in some kind of way, it’s not called happy metal or life metal.
Horror, occult or the insecurity of life can be topics.

When you play live how do you reproduce the sound on stage? My experience with extreme metal live is that the hardest part is to get the guitar sound right.
-Actually we don’t focus on the guitar sound at all. We have an average Marshall kinda guitar sound with pretty much definition
And we’re not downtuned that much.

What is in the future?
-The cd is just been released by Pulverised Records and it goes pretty good.
Soon there will be the vinyl release and we’ve got some shows coming up.

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