ENVINYA is a German heavy metal band that you should check out if you like you metal heavy and perhaps a tad traditional. Interview with Thomas. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Something I often think about is how much do you as a band think about how you sound or what you sound like? How do you know that you’ve found your sound?
-The sound of ENVINYA is the mixture of the influences of all members. Normally someone comes up with a new song idea (mainly the two guitarists) and then the rest of us make the final arrangements together. We have a rough understanding how the songs should sound. For example we want to have some heavy guitars and if possible some great hook lines. Probably like thousand other bands.
Finally if everyone from us likes the final result of a new song AND we enjoy playing it, than it is a typical ENVINYA song.

How hard is it to find your place in today’s international metal scene?
-Due to the fact that today there are so many really good bands out there I think it is quiet hard. In my opinion it depends on the metal fans and how they recognize you as band. Finally they decide which place you get. If you deserve it or not this is another question.

Do you remember the first time that anybody noticed your band? What kind of feelings did you get?
-It was on our first show we played in a smaller club. A lot of friends came to see the show and we were quiet nervous because we had no idea how they would like our songs. After the show the feedback was absolutely great. I was very happy about this because it proves my own opinion of our songs true. And by the way it was a great feeling like having a good glass of wine side by side with your girlfriend watching the sun going down. Or something like that.

When you get praised by media and listener but nothing really happens what kind of thoughts regarding if you’re doing the right things sneaks into your heads? How easy is it to give up your vision in order to gain recognition?
-My personal opinion is that quality final counts. And still I have this believe for ENVINYA. But you are right. If you have great feedback from the media and even from the listener you start wondering what went wrong if nothing really happens. Then I ask myself “Did you everything possible to support your CD”? But in the music business there is still this kind of miracle that some bands did it and some did it not. If I had the answer to this miracle I would have been a very rich man. So we just keep moving forward hoping quality still counts.

Is there a difference in being from the south of Germany as opposed to the north? Have you noticed a difference in sound between the north and south?
-Not today. I think that today as opposed to the past there are a lot of different bands all over the country. In the past most bands like Kreator, Sodom, Protector etc. came from the north. I don’t think that you have nowadays a difference in sound or an area where you can find a typical kind of sound.

Is Germany still a great country to be a metal band in? How much support do the national bands get?
-We have a lot of festivals in Germany and the underground is quite healthy and active. And we have a lot of good newcomer bands in the country. But especially in Bavaria you have nearly no opportunity to get some airplay or support from the daily press. It is also quiet hard for
a small band to get some shows and get paid for it. So there a lot of bands who play for free and this makes it even worse. The next thing is that if you are a “no name band” only a view people show up if you are playing. That is especially typical for Munich.

What have ENVINYA been up to before the debut album? What kind of history do you have?
-Founded in 2006 we start writing songs, playing some shows and finally releasing our EP in 2010 which brought us the deal with Massacre Records in 2011. I think we followed the path like thousands of bands before and after us. But for me it is very interesting to see where the path of
ENVINYA will end. Every musician of ENVINYA has played in other Bands like for instance
THE BLUE SEASON or INTERNAL DECAY and has different roots. My roots for example come from the 80s thrash metal and from the early 90s Death metal.

With an album out what is that you think will happen now? What expectations do you have on it?
-Being honest I really have no idea. But this makes it very exciting for me. I hope that we will get some attention from the media and of course from the people. As we will be released worldwide it is very interesting for me to see if there will be some difference from country to country in the recognition of our music. Maybe you can ask me this question again in a half or one year.

What would you consider a success/failure? What are your goals for the band?
-One success would be if we will sell enough CDs so that we can release the next CD also via Massacre. I hope that due to the release via Massacre we can built up our network and that it will be easier for us to get in contact with booking agencies, other bands etc. The worst failure would be if we do not use the possibility that we now have. We have it in our own hands to push our band ENVINYA. So I expect that everybody within the band gives its best. My personal main goal is to write songs that should be better than the current ones. But in this case I am quiet optimistic also due to the fact that our new singer is very professional and full of energy.

What kind of future would you like to see for the band?
-A golden and bright future. I hope that some people like our music and that they come to our shows
because of us. I would like to see that ENVINYA follows its path step by step and that I can say at the end of the day that we did some mistakes but a lot more things damned right!

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