epi-demicgroupfoto (1)Canadian thrash is just a as good as Canadian bacon, if not better. EPI-DEMIC are proof of that there is still life to the Canadian thrash sound. Questions answered by Adam B. (Guitar/Vocals). ©2015 Anders Ekdahl

Canada has a proud tradition of great speed/thrash metal bands. Is that something you subscribe to as a band?
A: Absolutely. Canada has been producing great thrash since it’s inception, bands that came before us like Razor, Sacrifice, Exciter, Piledriver, Voivod and Beyond Possession have had a great deal of influence on our sound and shown that Canada can deliver the goods on an international level. The fact that some of these old-school Canadian thrash bands have reformed and begun playing shows again is phenomenal, having recently seen Sacrifice, Exciter and Voivod play live I can tell you that these guys have not lost a step and Canadian Thrash is stronger than ever. We are proud to carry on this tradition in our own unique way for Canada and for underground metal music all over the world.

How involved were you in choosing whom to split a CD with? What is so great about a split record?
A: We were 100% involved in that decision. Originally we had not planned to do a split album at all, but after meeting the guys in Solanum and playing shows with them, we all decided that we should put out a split album together. I think our styles compliment each other nicely, which is very evident on the album. Solanum opens the CD with a relentless attack on the senses and we follow with a sinister and menacing assault to the psyche. The great part about doing a split record is that it showcases both bands at once. Epi-demic and Solanum are like minded bands and I think the album, when you listen to it all the way through, is a really great musical accomplishment for all of us . As a fan the great part about split records is that you can check out two bands in one album!

When you do a split who is it that picks album cover and handles the lay out? How involved were you in your side of the booklet?
A: In our particular case we decided to leave the album cover in the more than capable hands of local Winnipeg artist Jon Mayo. He found inspiration in the title of the album “Passages To Lunacy” and he came up with a great cover that we are very proud of. As far as the booklet goes, we submitted our lyrics, the cover artwork and a group photo of both bands to the label HORROR PAIN GORE DEATH PRODUCTIONS. Jordan Dorge took care of the layout and he did a great job formatting everything and making it look good. Overall the presentation of the album is exactly what we wanted, a straightforward, unified, and completely underground offering for fans of extreme music.

Which spilt records are in your opinion the greatest that has been released?
A: I don`t know about greatest ever, but a couple ones I really like are the Napalm Death/S.O.B. split, Capitalist Casualties/Stack split, Northern Bastard/Cron split. The `Death Metal` split with Running Wild, Helloween, Hellhammer, and Dark Avenger is a really cool album too with a look into the early years of these bands and the only recorded material of Dark Avenger.

Canada is a vast country that is not so densely populated. Does it feel like there is a Canadian metal community?
A: I would say yes. There are lots of reliable promoters, bands, labels, music stores and websites dedicated to Canadian Metal all over the country. No matter if you are playing shows in a small town or a big city there are always metal fans in attendance and for the most part everyone is really positive and appreciative of bands that play. For more established bands the turnout is almost always good from what I have seen recently, especially if it’s a festival or a solid touring line-up. As far as community goes everyone tries to help each other out with gigs, venues, and promotion across the country. Really it`s just like anywhere else, and from my experience the support from the metal scene in Canada has been really good.

Do you have a message that you want to tell with your lyrics? How important are the lyrics?
A: Epi-demics lyrics are very important to the music, being a 3 piece band forces you to make the most of everything available to you and lyrics are a crucial part of that. Getting a message across is another big part of what we do, not in a political way or to be pushing an agenda, but more of a commentary on the state of the world around us and what we see in daily life. Our lyrical themes deal with violence, death, depression, hate, suffering, pain, and the darker side of life on earth. The overall message in our music is about perseverance and awareness of everything around you, thinking about and dealing with harsh reality’s .

What kind of art work symbolizes EPI-DEMIC the best? Flowers and bees or beasts or devils?
A: Well definitely not flowers and bees, not really beasts and devils either. I`d say abstract, insane art is what symbolizes Epi-demic best, strange scenes and characters. We don`t have fantastical or demonic themes to our music so to have any artwork of that kind would be really out of place for us. Anything that portrays sickness, darkness and insanity would fit well with us and this is the kind of artwork we have gone with in regards to album covers/merchandise.

Is it an advantage to be Canadian or do you get confused for an American band?
A: I love Canada but being Canadian is certainly not an advantage as a band. America has many more large cities to play with considerably less distance between them. These days crossing an international border as a band is a huge pain in the ass, but it is really rewarding after you get across. We don`t get confused for Americans as far as I know, we`re proud to be Canadian and we make it known that we are pure Canadian Crossover!

What is the live scene like for smaller bands that want to tour Canada?
A: It’s tough! but with perseverance you can make it happen, Canada is huge and the really big cities are few and far between compared to America but there are lots of towns to play in between. The live scene is good though, every cities got a different vibe to it and out of town bands are always received with ravenous enthusiasm. Make sure you plan ahead and bring merch to sell, and try to go in the summer, winter can get a little harsh up here.

What does the future hold
A: The future is whatever we want to make it I guess. We will always keep making music, we have finished writing our next full length album and plan to have it released before the end of 2015, later this year we will also be touring the U.S.A in the Midwest/North east area with Solanum. Eventually we want to get to Europe, Asia, and South America, but right now we`re just going to keep doing what we do and represent underground metal. Cheers.

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