Another Swedish death metal band. This time from the dark forests of Småland. What else is there to say? Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Is it a good thing to be Swedish death metal band? Isn’t the competition killer?
-The competition is hard, but the roughest thing is the judgement you get even before people listen to your music. Being branded ”Swedish death” turns some people of your music from the start and some people get very disappointed when it doesn’t sound the way they expected it to.

I’ve tried to think of any band’s in my collection that comes from Växjö and the only one I can remember is Furbowl. What a place is it to be a metal band?
-It’s an awesome metal town! The best Växjö bands you should give a try is Birdflesh and Entrails, they’re just fucking awesome! As a young band this town is good as well, lots of metalheads and good basic venues to get started on.

When you come together to form a band does it help that you have had previous experience? What was the plan with Erupted from the beginning?
-Sometimes previous experience helps we guess. The ”Plan” with Erupted was pretty much just partying and making metal, and it still is,

Is it a good thing ending up on a label that has a lot of other Swedish bands? Can you benefit from it?
-Makes it easier to feel at home, but in the big picture it hardly matters.

The cover art work makes me think of Russian Icons with a twist. How does the art work connect with the album title “In The Grip Of Chaos”?
-The pretty lady is Kali, and the symbolism from the human skin with the chaos star in the background to the daggers are there to represent how much of an influence chaos and, in some cases violence and hatred, has in our lives and way of thinking.

Your sound is based on old school Swedish death metal, or perhaps just old school death metal. How do you go about getting the right kind of sound? Do you spend hours listening to Nihilist, Unleashed, Grave, Autopsy, Death etc.?
-Beer based creative chaos!

Is there a period in the death metal history that was better than the others?
-85-98 was maybe the golden years, but there was good stuff before that and there is new awesome stuff showing up every day!

What is death metal to you?
-Good music and damn fine ideas. In some cases the perfect soundtrack to a gruesome story.

How do you intend to make most possible people aware of the album’s existence?
-We are hoping that it will spread a lot through word of mouth and the internet. We will try to PR it as much as possible through live shows as well.

What other plans for the future do you have?
-Hopefully someone will start offering some more shows, and we would really love a chance to play in some different countries, so the plan for the future is pretty much playing shows, drinking beer and taking over the fucking world!

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