Irish ETERNAL HELCARAXE really deserves your attention if you haven’t already given them it. Start with reading this Interview filled out by Tyrith. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

I’ve been thinking about your name. I understand the ETERNAL part but I’m not so sure about the HELCARAXE one. What does the combination of these two words mean?
-The word “Helcaraxe” means “Grinding Ice” in ancient Elvish,when we added “Eternal”, we felt it was very fitting to the sound of the name and our music.

Is it even possible to explain the greatness of Tolkien to somebody that hasn’t read the books or seen the movies? Why are so many metal bands Tolkien devotees?
-No I dont think it is, And I dont think its just metal bands, People from all mediums, books, films, t.v, are highly inspired from his great work, and also Peter Jacksons visual take from the books in the movies too,

Your album’s been out a while now. What kind of reactions have you had to it so far?
-All positive, Reviews have been great and live versions of the songs are going down very good live too, We haven’t heard anything back negative from it yet!

Now that you have had time to live with it what plans do you have for the next one to make it even better and grander?
-We only ever set out to write the best possible songs that we can at the time and we are hard at work working on a new batch of songs at this moment now too,
That will hopefully be as well recieved as ‘Against all odd’s’ was.

What have been your intentions with ETERNAL HELCARAXE? How well has these matched with reality?
-The Intention always has been to be the best songwriters and band that we can be and we will always strive to live up to that.

How important is presentation to you? Does the way you dress for promo shots fit with the way the album cover looks like? Does the lyrics have to fit with the music?
-The music will always be the first priority for us but yeah we thinks its important to look like you made an effort for promo pics and we think it suits what we play and looks good live.

What does it mean to be a metal band coming from Ireland? Is there something in the Irish culture that you can use to your advantage as a metal band?
-There is no advantage of being a metal band from Ireland, Only a handful have ever had some recognition or decent exposure outside the country, but hopefull that will change as there is a lot of great bands from here, But we do have a country that has gone through poverty, famine, a lot of political turmoil resulting in a lot of lives lost for different causes and a country that is rich in history and storytelling, so there is a lot of inspiration to be drawn form living here.

What kind of metal scene is there on Ireland? How inclusive is it?
-The metal scene here is still small but strong with a lot of great bands that deserve recognition- Celtachor, Wound upon wound, Dichotomy, Dark_matter, Dead Aeon.

Ireland is often thought of being in the shadow of the Great British Empire. It that something that still lives on, that the Irish see themselves as the underdogs?
-No we don’t feel that at all, we are our own strong independent country. There is a lot of history between both countrys good and bad but we have moved on but will never forget the past. It has made us the country we are today, and has made us stronger and very proud to be Irish too.

What else do you plan for the future?
-We have lots planned, We are re-recording songs of our first recording for a ‘To whatever end’ Re-release, And plan to do a song for a special 7” release and are hard working on songs for the next album too.

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