ETERNAL SILENCE are signed to Underground Symphony. A label that have released some really cool albums in the past. ©2015 Anders Ekdahl

Why does the band exist?
Alberto: Marika (the lead singer) and me (Alberto, guitar player and singer) are long time friends. We started playing toghether when we were young and after some years we decided to form a band. In 2008 we started playing some covers, but we suddenly started writing our own music until the release in 2014 of our debut album Raw Poetry and the follow-up new record Chasing Chimera. Back to your answer, I think that the reason why this band exist is because we have a deep need to express ourselves through our music.

What experience do you have from other bands? What do you bring with you to this new one?
Alberto: I personally do not have any previous experience in other bands. Eternal Silence are my first one and I can’t imagine to write music for another project! About my bandmates, Alessio and Davide played toghether in a band before joing us. They played a kind of music quitely different from our, but I think that they brought with them a kind of alchemy that surely did well to the band in the beginning. In general everyone brings his personal musical background and his personal tastes, the difficulty is to make everything work well toghether but we think that our music reflects this plurality of views.

When you formed did you have a clear vision of what sort of metal you would play? What bands were your guiding stars?
Alberto: I didn’t have a clear vision of the music we would play and I don’t have a clear vision nowdays of the music I will write tomorrow. It’s the way we wanted to make our new album: the music has flowed out fast and we didn’t focused on the kind of music that would have represented the songs. When we started the band I was more into a gothic kind of music, I loved the early Lacuna Coil, Theather of Tragedy, Tristania and I think that the name Eternal Silence represent well this. I think that the gothic side of our music has almost completely gone nowdays, the new songs are very direct and easy to listen but even heavy and refined.

How do you view lyrics? Is it important to have a message?
Alberto: It is very important. We don’t like to write trivial lyrics, and even when you find a lovesong or a sentimental lyric it’s because you have a strong story behind it. An example can be the song Astronomer, in which we tell the story of the greek scientist Hypatia, killed because hers ideas about stars and planet motion where in conflict with religion at her times. It has a clear message against any kind of extremism that tries to repress the freedom of thought.

Is it important that your art work has a message or can it just be nice to look at?
Alberto: The artwork is something really important, it will represent the music of your album with just a single image so it can’t be at all a bad image! You don’t have to judge a book by the cover but be honest, especially nowdays an ugly picture don’t sell a single copy. It’s a kind of commercial speech but it’s the truth. It must also have a meaning behind it, because when people look at it they have to answer themselves what does it represents. This because if their attention will be cathed by the artwork there’s the probability that tey’d give a chance to your music too, and if you are an unknown band this worth as gold!

How important is image? Has the thought of what image is changed with the times?
Alberto: It’s the same for the band image. Unfortuntely we live in the age of appearance and if you work in the showbusinnes it is even more important then in the daily life. It is not easy because a musician should focus on writing good music and to play it well, not on what to wear onstage or the best pose for a photoshoot. Sometimes you even see great musicians ruined by wrong image choices. About the changing of the band image through time it is clear that there is big difference between how bands look today and how they looks ten or twenty years ago. I find cool when a band recalls old styles in the look but there’s always the risk of looking stupid!

How fierce is the competition in establishing a new band, to build a name?
Alberto: I don’t like competition at all, even if I think that it can be positive if moves you to do better. I often see bands and musicians polemicize on social networks about the success of some other bands or because thay think that someone don’t deserve the succes or the goals reached in his career. It is totally wrong, they shoul focus on do their best in music and not on criticize other bands. If everyone would make his music and express himself without thinking about competing each other there would be enough space for every new band!

How important is visibility, to be seen in the right places?
Alberto: This is very important. Sometimes the opportunity to play before a well known band or to have a review or an advertisement published in the right magazine can make the difference in terms of visibility more then tens of small gigs or casual promotion. So this kind of visibility is something that surely worth investing!

Has social media still the same impact on spreading a bands name today? Which social media is the best?
Alberto: Facebook is probably the best social media existing. I do not use it very often if not when I have to share the band’s stuff, but it’s hard to know someone that don’t have a profile, and to have the possibility of reaching milions of people in the world with your music jus sitting at your pc is something that gives social networks an unbelievably power. Nowdays social media are becoming almost the only succesfull way that a band have to spread its name and sometimes it seems that the value of a band must be rated by the number of facebook likes. Surely in the past years things were harder but even the entire discographic system was different. I don’t know how the things could change in the future but as a band we have to grasp today the opportunities offered by social networks.

How much touring can you do in smaller venues before it becomes stale and counter productive?
Alberto: As I said before sometime to play just one gig opening for a quite famous band can be more important than speding years playing in small venues. It can take you in front of a wide audience that don’t know you but that can apreciate your music. Anyway playing in small venues is always fun and it can have a more intimate atmosphere and a closer contact with the public, so sometimes is nice to keep doing that but to reach ad higher level as a band you have to focus your energy on greater gigs.

What does the future hold?
Alberto: At the moment we are trying to promote our new recod Chasing Chimera the best possible way. We can’t wait to play the new songs onstage and see what our audience think of this album, the new music have a great potential and we know that even old and new fans will apreciate it! We are planning many gigs and many new things for the future, so you can follow us on our social profiles or on our website to be up to date on our next steps!

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